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Want to watch me play Mega Man 1?

Update: I've been having some issues with my recording software, I'm currently trying to find something that won't get out of sync more and more as I play, I've tried about three programs already. I've got videos of me beating 4 of the remaining 5 boss levels, but the audio is either nonexistent or crappily synced. I'm workin' on it.
So I decided to play Mega Man 1 a bit tonight. I've been playing a lot of ten, and I haven't played the first one in such a long time that I can hardly remember anything about the game. Which weapon beats which boss, level layouts, boss strategies, nothing. So In my infinite wisdom I decided to record it and upload it to youtube. So if anyone wants to see what the original Mega Man for what might as well be the first time is like, I have answered you prayers. I died a few times before working out a strategy, and then started recording.
Notice how my very fist attempt results in me dying while the boss has one bar of health.   Also of note, if you skip to 1:57 you can see me kill the boss, but get hit by a shot which was still on the screen and die anyway. Harsh.


The original Mega Man is very prototypical. Similar to Mega Man 2, Mega Man does not stop on a dime in this game. He will slide a bit when you stop running, just the tiniest bit but enough to kill you for sure. It also has slowdown issues. Things like water and having too much on the screen slow it down pretty bad. Lots of NES games have some slowdown, but it's bad enough to mention here.

This game is balls hard. Way harder than any other game in the series. It's on the Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania 3 level of hard. I'm not going to play it without a fairly liberal use of savestates, because frankly it's just too hard for it's own good sometimes. Bosses typically kill you in 4 hits or less. Disappearing blocks are a Mega Man staple, but they are just dicks about it in this game. It took me way too long to figure out a workable method of which block to jump on when, and pulling it off is still hard once you've got your strategy down. There are floating platforms that have insane, erratic patterns that take ages to make heads or tails of.

Play too many Mega Man games, too often and too close to each other, and you start to notice weird stuff. Like that when running one direction, it takes one frame to change directions, and that can be cancelled out by shooting in MM2, but not 3. I thought I was experiencing controller lag when playing MM3 because I got so used to turning and shooting in one smooth motion. You actually have to delay the shot by a frame or he will shoot while facing the wrong direction during that one frame.

I'll probably be putting some more videos up in this post later. Stay tuned...