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  • This is a game destined for cult classic status. Unique gameplay, great production values and a surprisingly good story.

  • Speaking of Platinum Games... They just make those games I want to play over and over again. Like this one!

  • I love Mario games and this one is among the best of the series, so that's saying a lot!

  • Zelda has suffered a lot in recent installments from an excessive level of hand-holding and longwinded partner characters who are all too eager to explain what's directly in front of your face and what you should do to solve the next puzzle. This game represents a very welcome break from that tradition.

  • My first Monster Hunter game, which has turned me into a huge fan. Deep gameplay mixed with a near endless quest for better and better loot makes for a great game indeed.

  • Questionable character designs, unquestionably addictive and fun.

  • This DLC add on for New Super Mario U got a standalone release so I'm counting it! I love the challenge in this game, it felt just right, tough but rarely frustrating.

  • A Metroidvania game starring a Luchador with tight combat and platforming. What more could you want?

  • I'd have preferred a sequel to Ghost Trick, but Phoenix Wright is still bringing the humor and drama like old times.

  • That's right, we got TWO Etrian Odyssey games this year. This one doesn't quite live up to the precedent set by EO4 but it's a good recreation of the first game in the series with a lot of new content.