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@sahalarious said:

I mean....who cares? if you're online and able to redeem these codes then why go to gamestop?

Well say I want to give someone a digital copy of a game as a gift, or say you want to buy a game digitally without using a credit card. This move takes that option away from folks.

Yeah this, the fact you can't gift games on the PS4 store is pretty annoying.

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I'm getting it for Xbox One X, I'm hoping that will be the best console version.

As for where I am on it, treading lightly the setting isn't something that I gravitate towards in games but I'm open to it. I also have to relearn how to play one of these games, but I did that with Bloodborne and found that to be the easiest Souls game I've played (though I never played the DLC). Either way, there is a unique itch in me that From games have a habit of scratching, even if I'm not big on them (Dark Souls 3) so I'm hoping this will continue that trend.

It's actually funny because after Bloodborne I was sure I'd never need a shield again but then DS3 came along and I was straight back to Sword and Board., there will likely be a feeling out process here.

I'm also interested to see if they've solved the puzzle boss with the giant snake. It makes a great impression in the trailers but these super huge puzzle bosses have never really worked in these games except for maybe the Storm King in Demon's Souls and I have a soft spot for Ceaseless Discharge.

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@captain_insano: Yeah, the reason I said what I said is because my brother and I always struggled with Golden Axe when we first got it. Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of Streets of Rage/Streets of Rage 2 runs and experience, we decided to play it again and breezed through it.

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Also, there is a football/soccer pitch in the trailer. Now I'm not saying there needs to be an Inazuma Eleven style mini game where you assemble a team of Pokemon to play...but there totally should be.

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Probably going to buy this one and I haven't played a Pokémon game since Gold. The reason is because it's on Switch and I can play it alongside my girlfriend (who's a huge fan) playing it which should be fun. Of course, she's already told me that if I am getting it, I'm getting shield.

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I probably think I do.

I tend not to play games if impaired in any way but back in the day I used to hang out with friends, drink and play games, but I mean, we were all drunk anyway so skill level was the same for everyone.

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@captain_insano: The Mega Drive/Genesis version? From recollection, not that tough if you're used to the flow of side scroller beat em ups.

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@teddie: Like I said above (although it is extremely reductive) KOTOR, DA:O and Mass Effect are structurally the same game with different skins and combat. Prologue area, Four dungeons/planets/levels you can do in any order and then a final mission.

Which isn't to say that breaking away from this structure hasn't been successful, Mass Effect 2 largely kept this core, it just didn't give you a choice on the four planets instead giving you choices around your crew members. But as they get further away from that, I've just become nostalgic for what we had...for admittedly 4 games (if you include KOTOR2 which keeps the structure despite not being a BioWare game).

I think BioWare were just too reactive to the success of open world games and Bethesda RPGs and decided that their games needed to be bigger. It's also hard to argue that it didn't work with DA:I with the success that game saw, it just wasn't my thing.

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@nutter: I didn't really get to go over DA2 too much above (because it was already getting a bit long) but I agree with you, the story structure was good and they had some solid ideas but it was completely let down by the dungeons. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that the critical reaction to that game stopped BioWare from experimenting with smaller ideas and immediately went back to the "saving the world from evil" plots they're used to.

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@daibakuha: I did highlight DA: I in my piece, it was sort of a falling off point for me personally because it started their focus on less designed dungeons and more open world spaces which I didn't care for and made me feel a little distanced from the game. Unfortunately, because of the issues I had with it, I didn't get the DLC which is a bit of a shame because I've heard it's good.

I think the point you should be raising though is that DA:I was extremely popular and even won a number of game of the year awards. I agree that people saying Bioware have been on a downward trend since ME3 is a little shortsighted when you take into account DA:I and what felt like a positive critical reaction. (despite what I thought of it personally)