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Superharman: Best of 2010

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  • I've finished this game 3 times and am more than tempted to go back and finish it off a couple more. I think that says a lot about this game's main strength, the story. I think one of the big problems that a lot of RPGs have is that they just can't make the conversations interesting enough. Bioware here have solved that issue, at no point did I feel like skipping through a cut scene or dialogue tree. Overall, this has everything I love in a game and the fact that the sequel is due for next year makes me very excited.

  • Super Meat Boy is a perfect platform game. I actually didn't know I was such a big fan of the genre, generally it was the artier games like Braid and Limbo that hooked me but there isn't much of that here outside the satire of video games. That makes this a purely gameplay choice and the sense of accomplishment that one feels upon completeing one of the harder Super Meat Boy levels is astounding. It is a game that is about precision and I think it's that precision that makes it not only so fun, but so playable, you just can't stop. Of course, I can't actually recommend that anyone play the game.

  • This is exactly what I wanted from a Fallout game. While I appreciated what the third game did and some of the story beats, the structure just fell apart once the vault was left. Here, there is a solid slow reveal of the world that makes sense to the story. When you finally take the first step into New Vegas you become part of something special. It is outdated and buggy, but if the story is there, those things don't concern me. The story was there.

  • I'm not a big Halo guy and while I've enjoyed them, I've never really gotten into the game's fiction. This one was different though, Bungie decided to change up the way the story was told and framed it around an ending everyone knew was coming. It was the execution though that they nailed. There are some great missions here that just thinking about makes me want to play the campaign again. Of course I have to mention the Multi Player, it's what probably puts it higher than the next two games, I've just had too many great experiences both online and off with friends on this one to drop it any further.

  • I've been following this game for a while and it certainly delivered. The story works well to keep you guessing and provides a great deal of ambiguity with a mostly unsympathetic character. The action too is tense and often had me on edge wondering if I would make the next checkpoint. It probably was the tight controls that put it at this point on the list, it feels like it should feel. It's going to be interesting to see if this series goes further, I have my fingers crossed, especially after the excellent second DLC package.

  • I feel like I need to explain the reasons some of the next few games weren't in the top 5. It's no big thing to call Red Dead Redemption an excellent game, one can get lost in just its beauty while playing and there is a polish to these big open world Rockstar games that no others have. The problem is that just by sheer weight of the amount of things to do you are left with some moments where the game doesn't exactly sing. Also, the controls are a bit too fiddly, something going back to the game with Undead Nightmare has highlighted. The game long and the second act in Mexico left a real bad taste in my mouth. The third act and the coda brought it back though, they are sectons of game that are some of the best seen this year. The overall experience, while great still left me feeling it was a little uneven.

  • Braid is an all time favorite. It seems silly to compare them but they are both Indy platform puzzlers strongly rooted in artistic style. Where Braid's substance comes from its word and image interpretation, Limbo is all about atmosphere. It's short but the player feels so compelled to finish it that it ends up being such a strong work. The only weakness of the game is the replayability, but that's okay, one only needs finish it once to experience it.

  • This is an extremely late addition to this list but I feel like not adding it would cause me some rather large regrets in the years to come. Enslaved has a beauty in both its environment and character design that drew me in almost immediately. There is also the gameplay which, while simplistic, gave me a feeling of floating through the story examining its complexities. Ninja Theory has with this game become a developer I will keep my eye on.

  • I had been looking forward to Alpha Protocol for a while as I quite liked KOTOR 2 and wanted to give Obsidian a chance. To call it a perfect game would be rather foolish of me, variety though is the spice of life and this game has variety. The conversation system is both strong and functional and results in some solid options on how the approach the game. Importantly though, it's fun doing all the James Bond style missions while still getting the chance to interact with all the scenes inbetween. Every mission you are presented with alternative options on how to finish it, that's just something I enjoy. I love the fact that it seems as though Dragon Age 2 is using a similar framing device to tell its story, great way to do things.

  • I'm not altogether sure how great a game Costume Quest is, but I don't think that matters a great deal if I had fun. It is about as simple as RPGs get but the charm is there which makes this a game that I wont be forgetting anytime soon. There is just something so playable about it that makes finishing it become a priority, not all games can give you that feeling. There is also the joy of unlocking a new costume and seeing what it looks like in battle for the first time that kept a smile on my face.