Old All Time Favourite Games List - Pre 2011

A carefully considered list that takes into account personal history, story, gameplay and a little nostalga. I'm sure I've missed some games but it feels strong. As always, it will likely develop over time.

List items

  • A perfect game. Everything just works so well. I have replayed this a number of times now and at no point do I ever grow bored with it. A beautiful game with a great and resonant story. Oh and Jade is probably one of the strongest leads in a video game.

  • To me, this is probably one of the best told stories in games. The dialogue is sharp, the characters are fully formed and there is creativity in every scene.

  • Yes, it's better than the first game. While the RPG elements were dumbed down, the action improved. However, where this game really came along was in its story. A strong character focus really drove this one up the list. While it is a little cliche, sometimes, cliche is fun.

  • There are moments while I am playing a modern game where I ask myself, why couldn't this be more like Deus Ex? This game breaks up its action and adventure/rpg elements extremely well. It really does feel like FPS games are only just now catching up.

  • About a year ago I was worried that this game wouldn't hold up to a modern playthrough. Thanks to GOG.com I was able to find out. While the video is cheesy as hell, that is the charm and when the plot gets going, it really gets going. However, where this game works is in it's adventure and here, it really is amazing.

  • In my mind, still the best GTA game. There was just something about that first moment when you wake up in that country town after spending so much time in the city that was great. Sure it gets crazy, but crazy is fun. The main plot is also, as usual, solidly written.

  • If you put aside the games as art talk for a moment, this game is still amazing. The puzzles are great and the various mechanics are astounding. Who wasn't amazed when they stepped into the third world? The music is also great but where this game shines is its subtle and intelligent plot.

  • That's right II. In spite of ending problems, the second KOTOR is a much more interesting experience from a story perspective. Where the first one had a plot that led up to a Death Star style device, this one goes for something much more subtle, character based and interesting. Pity it was rushed out to meet a deadline or I'm sure it would have been remembered in a much fonder light.

  • Had to be squeezed into the top 10. A powerful game with a number of fantastic elements. It is long, but the experience is worth it and the various tasks you take on through the game at times seem immense. This is how FPS games should feel.

  • Had to be squeezed into the top 10. Mass Effect was the reason I got an X-Box 360. I have played through it a number of times and to this day still love it. The only problem with it now is the fact that ME2 blew it out of the water both in story and game design. Still, this remains an amazing game.

  • While there are adventure games above this one, this is probably the best in a traditional sense. It is also the easiest to go back and play. It's like going back and enjoying one of your favourite films. It helps that it doesn't take that long to complete either.

  • This one kept getting pushed up the list by newer games but now is the time. It introduced me to the RPG and in a way, a lot of modern RPGs are still playing catch up. Sure, there is no interaction with your party, but you still got to customise every single one of them. Also the open world story was really well paced.

  • Finally got to it. I remember when I got this game I probabaly stayed up to about 3am just letting it wash over me. I loved it then and I still love it to this day. Also, I'm still amazed that the twist got me, I guess at this point I didn't expect games to do that even though it was extremely telegraphed.

  • Kind of like Buck Rogers, this one is on here for introducing me to a genre. It was a great game though and without it, I don't know where the industry would be. Sure, there might be open world games, but would they be as well written as this one?

  • Fantastic adventure game that made you feel like one of the great action heroes of our time. Its a damn shame that there hasn't been an Indy game like it since that has combined this level of adventure with the action of something like The Emperors Tomb.

  • A year ago, this would have been a lot higher on my list. Problem is, I played through it again. The gameplay doesn't hold up and the voice acting is weak. BUT, the story, if you view it as a fun 80's martial arts style romp is great. Especially the Kowoloon sections. The final act though, while ballsy, is tough to get through.

  • It feels too high but this one just didn't stick with me as it did for a lot of other people. It is sad that this is also the only N64 game on the list considering the amount of love I had for that console prior to its release. This game though, it delivered.

  • Not exactly an amazing game as it is an amazing experience. So often I would find myself side tracked by various quests that I got lost from the main story. The main story though is a really good romp.

  • Yeah it feels too low but I can't say that I loved this more than the games above it. Maybe in a few years time. Not much to say that hasn't already been said, smartly written with amazing puzzles. Loses its way a little at the end, but that hasn't stopped anything on this list.

  • I really did love this game back in the day and because of the amount of times I played through it, it deserves a spot in the top twenty at least. While the story and cinematics are pretty dated now as is the gameplay, it had a lot of influence on my science fiction love. That is a pretty important thing.

  • Should be higher but the beat em up is a little old at this point. Sure, this is the best of them and I still love going back and pounding my way though it, but a lot of that is nostalga at work. Sega does need to find a way to bring this back though Yakuza style.

  • Man this feels high, especially for a game I devoured like this one. The problem I think was that my first playthrough wasn't ideal. I felt like my character choice was a little weak. It wasn't till I rolled a dwarf that the story really started to take shape. Same goes for my mage.

  • This is how you make an open world FPS. It really does seem like everyone has their own Far Cry 2 story and that is a special thing. I'm not sure if this experience can ever be replicated but I will always remember it.

  • Another that feels high. It might be because I never replayed it but it was an astounding experience. It might be the minor gameplay flaws that stick out for me but there are levels in this game that are just head and shoulders above other games.