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Could've been great, but good enough 0

PROS The most lifelike animals I've ever seen in a video game -- particularly their behavior, modeling, animations, and soundLots of interesting, varied missions and random encountersA unique wildlife photography sim.  Ability to manually adjust both aperture size and shutter speed with realistic results (eg. motion blur, depth of field, exposure)Realistic, positional sound effects of animals & ambient noise, such as wind and waterUpgradeable cameras with noticeable difference in picture qua...

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Punch-Out gets a facelift 0

PROSOriginal characters are animated at a very high quality with matching voiceworkEach fighter has their own remix of the Punch-Out musicSingle player replay value is highChallenge mode has a "puzzle game" quality to itTitle Defense mode makes this the most challenging Punch-Out overallPractice mode and autosave removes the trial-and-error of previous Punch-OutsCONSRelies heavily on nostalgia to fully appreciateNo "final boss" like Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream.  Donkey Kong is more of a novelty figh...

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The definitive version of Bionic Commando 0

Pros:Level Design is faithful to the original Excellent Boss Design Each weapon has a purpose Upgradeable abilities Switching weapons on-the-fly Music & Sound Lighting Effects & Visual Style Replay value of Challenge Rooms Super Joe's Machine Gun Cons:Old-school, trial-and-error gameplay will frustrate many Enemies don't get much smarter and are less varied towards the end Final level is ridiculously long and requires stocking up on lives Camera is too close on some difficult platformin...

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