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My favorite games ever

In no particular order.

List items

  • Have fond memories of playing this with my cousin. Black's dice palace is probably still my favorite level in a game ever, just so different to anything I'd seen at the time. Also, that mini-soldier: coolest boss ever.

  • When I entered the dark world for the first time, all I could think was: "Holy crap, this already huge game is twice as big as I thought it was! Damn!" Never really got into the 3d stuff later on (see Mario), this is still my favorite Zelda game, and one of my favorite (action-)RPGs of all time.

  • Or Wipeout 2097 as it was called in my neck of the woods. It's fast, it's furious (but not as furious as Wipeout HD Fury) and it was such an improvement over the first game that it made me ask myself how I could've thought that first game was the best racer ever. This one, though: pretty close.

  • I never, ever get enough of turning into a dragon and biting the torso off Johnny Cage. Also, speaking of Johnny Cage: nutshots.

    I have not played MK vs DC (yet), but I doubt it would replace this as Street Fighter 4 did with its predecessor above.

  • Who doesn't love risking his life for a brand new VCR!

  • Probably the game on this list I've put the most amount of time in. Also probably my answer to the question: "What's the best videogame ever made?" (Glad Jeff would accept it.) Never played a better puzzle game.

  • Best. Platformer. Ever. If this list was in order from most favorist to least favorist... this would probably be number one. Although Zelda and Wipeout would put up a good fight, this Mario game will have my heart forever. I could pick it up right now and have loads of fun.

  • My brother had an Amiga when I was still a young 'un, and I played this game to death. I'll never forget the vendor screaming: "Ice Cream!" as your opponent is carried off the field.

  • Wait, it takes half an hour to drive from one end of the map to the other?! And I thought Zelda was huge. Pro tip: don't ram a bus into a gas-station when said gas-station is across the street from a police station.

  • To be honest, this game is only here to be pretentious.

  • Championship Manager: responsible for more sleepless nights than any other activity in the history of mankind.