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SuperKcross: Best of 2010 

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  • No game kept me more occupied this year than Starcraft II. Technically SC2 is cheating because the beta was from Feb-Jun but still. Couldn't get enough of the multiplayer and even when not playing SC2, I'm watching matches on Youtube or GOM or MLG and listening to State of the Game and watching Day 9. FUCK that's a lot of Starcraft. The single player wasn't too shabby either and the myriad of custom games extends its life tremendously. Its 3 games in one essentially. It also came out on my birthday so yea.

  • While the story was a tad letdown and the removal of a lot of RPG mechanics was questionable, ME2 streamlines the game and allows focus on the most important aspect: character interaction. ME2 added a lot of interesting characters, some like Grunt who I thought wouldn't be good but turned out great, and also made Tali and Garrus from the first game better as well. And of course Mordin Solus; who doesn't love that guy. Overall a very slick and compelling game that kept me coming back thanks to DLC.

  • Bayonetta is the kind of crazy that I like and that I don't really see from many games. There were so many wtf awesome moments in this game that were amazing. More importantly the gameplay is responsive, fast, ridiculous and has enough depth to get you hooked.

  • Easily the game that caused the most sleep deprivation. The one more turn syndrome persists to point where I'm not even sleeping, playing from 10 in the morning to 10 in the morning the very next day. Streamlined with no more stacks of doom Civ V is an accessible improvement over its predecessor.

  • The most engaging puzzle game I've played in a while but what makes it truly enjoyable are the animations after finishing each puzzle that give a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Sunk a lot of time on this one as well and with constant puzzle packs coming out, it will most likely continue to occupy my time.

  • After Halo 3 kinda pushed me away from Halo, Reach brought me back in. The single player is probably the most enjoyable Halo campaign (no Flood YAY) since the first one while adding enough to the multiplayer and revamping firefight to feel fresh again. Great swan song for Bungie developed Halo games.

  • I thought I wouldn't need to play Persona 3 a 4th time over but next thing you know I'm on Craigslist looking for PSPs and 90 hours later I've beaten Persona 3 yet again. The inclusion of Persona 4 mechanics makes the game better and the female protagonist with new social links makes the game worth going through one more time with new perspectives on characters you previously had very little idea about.

  • Alan Wake has the same problems as many other scary games in that eventually it doesn't become scary. But during the first half of the game, I completely freaked out and shit my pants. The atmosphere and story were amazing and while the story was kinda nonsensical, I enjoyed Wake's self narration.

  • The frustrating stuff from AC:2 persists but that doesn't stop this from being a great game. Its still satisfying to stab dudes in the face and its even more satisfying to sic your brotherhood of assassins on some unsuspecting guard patrol.

  • I like playing Ace Combat style games but one thing that Ace Combat doesn't do is give a sense of speed. After Burner Climax however fills that need for speed with insane barrel rolling to dodge 50 missiles then going into climax mode to fire 50 missiles of your own all while staring at the break neck seizure inducing graphics. This game while short is amazing and I am incredibly grateful that this remake came out for the younger generation like me. I love the F-15E.