Superkenon's Adventures of 2012

Probably no one will read this, and that's A-OK because this is for my own records, you guys! What are you doing all up in my space? Anyway! I've decided to make a list of my gaming projects for me or crazy future generations to look back at later. Basically I'm just gonna add games as I play them, and then we'll see how weird my travels look by the end of the year! How does that sound? What? I'm talking to myself? I knew that.

Dunno if I want to count replays or strictly first-time conquests only. Chances are I'll be inconsistent about that! Rock on!

Also, I wish I could have line breaks in the list text! MAYBE THIS SHOULDN'T BE A LIST?

List items

  • -- [STARTED: November (2011)] -- ["FINISHED": March.] -- I played this one intermittently since release, getting eternally sidetracked and goofing off as would seem the standard practice. Finally this March I decided that Felps had earned his rest, so we finally put Alduin to the sword, got hitched, and called it an adventure. Good times all around. For the sake of these RECORDS I should probably go check exactly what my playtime ended up around. I'm going to estimate 80ish hours. That's hearty. So yeah, I definitely want to come back to Skyrim some day. Likely I'll start a new character to explore the regions of the world that Felps only glossed over.

  • -- [STARTED: February.] -- [FINISHED: February, like a week later!] -- If I decide to be more picky about what I put on this list, Soul Calibur V probably wouldn't make the cut since it was hardly an adventure. It had a story mode though (it was okay, I guess!) and I finished it, so CONSIDER THIS TECHNICALLY CONQUERED! Obviously the reason to have a Soul Calibur is to have at it with multiple players, and this'll be good for that for some time to come.

  • -- [STARTED: March (... 2011)] -- [FINISHED: February!!] -- Hey, Pokemon Black's pretty good. No you shut up. Anyway, I actually 'beat' the game last year not too long after it came out, but now IT'S GOT A GODDAMN RIBBON ON IT. I came back to it and let it consume a good part of my February as I did all the post-game shenanigans. I defeated the amped-up Elite Four + Champion, and CAUGHT THEM ALL. EVERY POKEMON. (from Black/White). Hey, that's still cool!! JOIN ME IN FIST BUMPS!!

  • -- [STARTED: February.] -- [FINISHED: March.] -- Another fighting game! Somehow I feel better about counting this one as an ADVENTURE WELL DONE. Probably because it's a better game than SCV, and I got more of a kick out of the story sequences to boot. Admittedly, there's nothing here for you if you aren't a fan of the show. I set up the difficulty, and completed the story mode with every character. It's fun stuff. Also, Fate/Stay Night is one of the best animes around. For serious.

  • -- [STARTED: February.] -- [PLAY UNTIL THE END OF TIME] Yes. The greatest game ever made.

  • -- [STARTED: March.] -- [FINISHED: April!] -- So, this is pretty great, you guys. It's been awhile since my last good ol' JRPG. Battles, banter, and game overs galore! Hard mode's no joke, apparently! I finished the main game, and happily proceeded to beat the additional Future Arc. Around 90 hours on the clock, all in all. Just gotta say, this is a solid package.

  • -- [STARTED: April.] -- [FINISHED: August] -- Alright, you. I see how it is. You're a tricky one. So much fun, but sooo long. This one could take awhile, folks. But... maybe I'm on track to a July finish?! Wait... did you just DISC READ ERROR me? WHAT?! Well, nice try! I fixed the Wii, and we're good to go again! At long last, the journey is over! I WIN, XENOBLADE. I BEAT YOU. And it was good!

  • -- [STARTED: April.] -- [FINISHED: April.] -- I played a good amount of the multiplayer last year, and absolutely loved it. But for some reason or another, I never got very far into the single player. Well, I finally got around to it, and finished it quick. It blew me away. And now, months later, I'm still playing it thanks to the Perpetual Testing Initiative.

  • -- [STARTED: April.] -- [FINISHED: December] -- I've been sitting on this one for a little while, and finally decided to break into it... even though I'm still working on Xenoblade. I like its style, and am eager to play more. We'll see how well I manage to work this one in. NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: It took me months to do the last couple of missions for some reason, but I finally did it and it was just fine!!!!!!!!

  • -- [STARTED: April.] --[FINISHED: June!] -- Oh, and I went and did this.

  • -- [STARTED: May.] -- [FINISHED: June.] -- Okay, so, I finally replaced my vintage 2004 computer, and thusly got my hands on StarCraft 2 at long last. In the midst of other adventures, Portal II level editor, and Diablo 3, I finished the campaign -- and I'm way into continuing to play this multiplayer.

  • -- [STARTED: May.] -- [FINISHED: May, like two weeks later!!] -- Came, conquered... went promptly back to SC2 shenanigans.

  • -- [STARTED: May.] -- [Uhhh...] -- Yeah, simply put... this one's pretty great you guys!! Is there a way I could consider this "done?" No, hey, this whole bloody game is one giant conquest!!! ALWAYS BE CONQUERING!

  • -- [STARTED: June.] -- [FINISHED: June?] -- I felt like revisiting Half-Life... so I did. Still great, by the way! Yep, not a "new conquest", but whatever! Maybe I want to put old stuff here too?? Anyway, I'm not going to stop here. I think I want to play everything again, even up to the end of Half-Life 2 Episode 2. We'll see how fast I get around to that.

  • -- [STARTED: June.] -- [FINISHED!!!: July!] -- Okay, so I started thinking back on this franchise, and it made me really want to play through it again. I had actually gone through the game before, but stopped just short of the last boss... because gosh, the last dungeon is kinda boring. But some tedium aside, I really like what this game's about. Random dungeons, weapon crafting, and most importantly... town building. Yeah, right? Anyway, I went through it again, and finished 'er this time. Also, the last boss is kinda dumb!

  • -- [STARTED: June/July... hey, no one's perfect] -- So, I started this!

  • -- [STARTED: July.] -- And now I'm doing this too! Kinda!

  • -- [STARTED: July.] -- And this! Damn you, Steam Sale!! This game is pretty rad though, you guys. Bought this along with its successors, and pretty happy about that! For some reason I'm not playing through it very fast though. Ah well.

  • -- [STARTED: July.] -- [FINISHED: July, what do you know!] -- Okay, so... I had these big, grand plans to finish Xenoblade, play through Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn again, and then do Last Story when it comes out. Then my Wii ceased to function. Despairing, I have filled the void by bumping Yakuza up the list. What, other games? Nope! It's Yakuza Time!! By the way, this series is nuts... in possibly all the right ways. Glad I finally tried this out for myself. I'm sure I'll be playing 4 when the time is right. MAYBE RIGHT NOW?? Nah, we're good.

  • -- [STARTED: Sometime Last Year, I Dunno!] -- [FINISHED: July, 2012!!] -- Whew! Dunno what it is about me and Layton games. I love 'em, but I only ever seem to play them in intermittent chunks spread across many months. Well anyway, I finally dun done it! Yay!

  • -- [STARTED: August] -- [FINISHED: August] -- THIS IS ALSO PRETTY RAD. Very few things beat a game like this for good, clean, multiplayer fun! A quality product, I say! I "finished" it because the story is pretty short, but the fun keeps on a-keepin' on...! (Still happily playing it in December, even!)

  • -- [STARTED: August] -- [FINISHED: August] -- The latest and greatest! A proper Guilty Gear/BlazBlue title, with Persona hooks! What's better? I've said this before, but I'm having a blast! Getting my ass kicked online and loving it. Story was good too, even if like 50%-80% of it was repeated in every character's run. Really makes me wonder what's next for Persona 5...!

  • -- [STARTED: August] -- [FINISHED: September] -- This game is a mixed bag!!!!!!!!! I think I like it though. I think. Or maybe I hate it. What a weird feeling. Nah, pretty sure I hate it. I don't regret playing it though. It was a fun enough romp. But, man. It is kind of amazing how much the plot offended me every step of the way in how mishandled it was. The "twist" was bad, and made no better by being seen from miles away. And mostly it's just full of inconsistencies that made the whole affair seem really thoughtless. It's a tragedy, because it could have been so much better. Ah well. DONE HERE.

  • -- [STARTED: August] -- [FINISHED: September] -- By the way, I'm playing this too!! I've actually already beat the game, so this is my New Game+. Needless to say, I'm a fan! I made a new party from scratch, and ignored the pile of money that carried over. Doing this thing proper! Naturally I went for a different ending, and it was a rousing success all around. Will go for the third and final ending... soon...

  • -- [STARTED: August] -- [FINISHED: October] -- So, I finally acquired and started this. It's right up my alley, this kind of game! I should have waited to open it up, but I was excited to see what it was like. So I played it for a bit, loved it... and decided I should finish Last Story and EO3 first. So I did! And then I came back! Then I pretty much played this non-stop until I got all the endings! This was a great play. Also, to be satisfied by how a game ends... especially with the wacky lengths the plot goes to... I just... don't know how to feel about this. It was... good!?

  • -- [STARTED: August] -- [FINISHED: Yeah Right!] -- I guess it's worth mentioning I fell into a Minecraft hole for awhile!

  • -- [STARTED: September] -- Finally cracked and got this on a friend's urging. Dunno if I'll get around to finishing the "main campaign," as I'm basically only playing this multiplayer, but hey. I like it. It's a good casual way to play Magic. Waka waka!

  • -- [STARTED: September] -- ["FINISHED": September] -- Another bad use of this START 'n FINISH format! Ah well. Fighting games, what are you gonna do!!! ANYWAY, this was my first foray into Tekken, which means I found it really hard to penetrate! So much more technical than its peers, but it didn't dissuade me! I'm getting good against the AI at least, and seeing the charm of the series big-time. A lot of good arcade movies in this package, too. Thumbs up, yup yup.

  • -- [STARTED: September] -- Specifically, the new PSP port! I wanted it, so I bought it! Though I'm not sure when I'm going to sit down and get serious with it. (At this point in time, I'm still knee-deep in 999. And Valkyria Chronicles comes next, spoiler alert!) But I've been poking at this one here and there, and it's fun. One of my many weaknesses is a game with class changes!!

  • -- [STARTED: October] -- [FINISHED: November] -- Another game that I should have picked up a long time ago! Still early on in it, but I'm loving it already. Got all the elements of a Fire Emblem game that I enjoy... yet it plays nothing like it. Doesn't really play like anything else, really. What do you call this, anyway? Turn-based... real-time... tactics game? Anyway, it definitely had its rough spots, but I'm happy I played it. Thumbs up!!

  • -- [STARTED: October] -- [FINISHED: November] -- Yaaayyuuhhh!!!!

  • -- [STARTED: October] -- [FINISHED: November] -- FFFFFFFfffffffffffffffff

  • -- [STARTED: November] -- Welp, I skipped over all the DS Harvest Moons, so it's high time to see where the series is at. Farm on, friends!

  • -- [STARTED: December] -- ["FINISHED": December] --I'm a big fan of the BlazBlue franchise, but I still held off on this one since it wasn't a substantial upgrade for someone who already bought all the DLC in the last game. So, I waited for the price to drop, and here we are! Hey, guys. BlazBlue is still totally fine!

  • -- [STARTED: December] -- Hey, guys. Guess what other ArcSys fighter is totally fine! Guilty Gear!!! I'm happy to have this on my hard drive -- available at any moment, and with no load times!

  • -- [STARTED: December] -- Man, this is pretty damn dumb. In the raddest sense. I love it. Don't think I'll be finishing it this year, though...

  • -- [STARTED: December] -- [FINISHED: Also December] -- Holy shit.

  • This is now sitting on my XMB. Will try to complete it before finalizing my GOTY list. (PS, I FAILED!!!!)