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List of Android Games

Some games that may be worth checking out on android!

List items

  • Turn based puzzle battle game. Has some dialogue and voice acting that was humorous enough that made watching the cut scenes enjoyable before each trial.

  • A fun fishing game that makes shooting at fish kinda awesome and stressful. Includes buying/upgrading items to fish deeper into the ocean for more awesome fishies. If you like hats this game is for you! Some very unique looking fish.

  • A number sliding puzzle game that can be very addicting and frustrating. Addicting in that you know you can do better after you lose and looks deceptively easy to get back to that point. Frustrating in that you hope the game doesn't screw you with the next tile or you made one mistake that unraveled the entire round for you.

  • Point and click adventure game with zombies and many emotional feelings.

  • Endless runner where you run on the roof of buildings while getting attacked by aliens from other space.

  • Puzzle game about modifying those capsules looking things into the right alignment for the puzzle. I believe it is an all piano soundtrack that is fantastic. Awesome looking menu that seamlessly allows selection of puzzles but moves in a very cool way.

  • Puzzle game where you interact with one object. Within it contains a bunch of little mini puzzles that are required to solve to unlock the next level. Some cool animations within puzzles and a really fun but not hard puzzle game to pass the time.

  • Puzzle game that carries on from The Room. Graphically looks much better atleast on my device, more complex puzzles that involve multiple items in each level. (It continues the story/mystery from the previous title.?)

  • A tactical turn based strategy game with randomly generated levels. A game about wisely making decisions each turn to best take out the enemies on a hex-based grid. There is also a skill/health up depending on which reward you wish to take on each level. The game is free but if you enjoys the gameplay there is a premium option that allows you to unlock achievements and skills you can utilize in the battles. Such as instead of throwing your spear you can use a friggin wizard beam.

  • Spaceship battle and crew management simulator. A game about Battling space aliens in a galactic conflict that affects the lives of people on earth. Story contains betrayal, deceit, sacrifice, cooperation and discovery. A princess escaping danger and the commander with a beard who ultimately saves her. The pixel art looks awesome, the gameplay was not as awesome as I would have hoped. It has some issues but if you liked ftl, this is something that may interest you on android.

  • A puzzle game where you must change all the different colors on the paper into one color. It has a really beautiful animation when reversi-ing from one color to another. There are two more additional stages for purchase if you enjoyed all five stages that is included in the game.

  • A strategic match three puzzle game. A game where you must place certain objects on a grid/slot and try to have three objects of the same type adjacent to one another to form the next tier object. The location of the last object of the trio will be the location of the new object so you must be strategic in placement. When you have no more moves and the board is completely filled the game ends and it scores you based on the objects you have created in your "town". You also get coins as well from treasures and other factors I have yet to decipher. These coins can be used to buy more turns, specific objects to place on the gird or undos. You can do a one time purchase for unlimited turns or wait 2.5hrs to regenerate a cap of 150 turns. Unless you want to get a super duper high score you may need to amass alot coins.

  • The New Star Soccer mobile version. It is a soccer RPG simulator. On the mobile version matches are simulated via text and when something occurs that involves your player you get to play a mini-game to determine the outcome such as passing, shooting, free kicks and corners. It includes character development, training and gambling mini-games. A stamina bar shows the energy you have remaining as most actions requires you to sacrifice energy. There is also economy where you earn star bucks from your salary as a player but also bonuses based on performance in a match. The game is free, however access to best/most durable items such as super shoes and energy drinks which boost certain stats can only be bought with money. There are also iap to buy star bucks which include a $50 for 10k star bucks purchase. It basically lets you buy almost everything( but keep in mind that everything depreciates and eventually you will need to repair/upgrade or repurchase the item again. Skills also depreciate over time which makes it more difficult to keep yourself in tip top shape as you get older and have less money to spend.

  • A puzzle game where you manipulate Escher style levels to get to the exit. Fantastic sounds and very nice art. There is a total of 10 levels that are pretty quick to solve. The story is kind of cool but I don't know what to make of the story. What does it mean?

  • A puzzle game that requires you to solve which ribbons should be placed in correct order so that the top most ribbon is the same color as the square below it. At first it is counter intuitive but after obtaining a strategy it became a process of elimination. You can activate the ribbons in a sliding motion(which is entirely not necessary) as it rolls onto the opposite side of the screen. The animations of the menu incorporates this interaction between stages and makes it feel unique. About half the game is free to play while the rest can be bought with a one time iap.