My Top 10 PS2 Games

List items

  • 10. Very fun DD game. Good vehicle physics and damage.

  • 9. Twisted Metal finally abandons it's tongue-in-cheek ways and goes fully dark. Great return to series with fully functional online play.

  • 8. All the Burnout games are great, just don't have room for them all here. Number 3 was my favorite at that time.

  • 7. Another great game from the GT franchise.

  • 6. The come back game for the RE series, which some would consider it's best as it being more action focused than horror.

  • 5. My favorite FPS on PS2 with awesome multiplayer modes and challenges.

  • 4. Wow was this game tough. On the surface, a straightforward highway battle/street racing game with a good deal of customization. What really made this game enjoyable was the couple hundred racers all with their different teams and most importantly their different race styles and sometimes strange racer requirements.

  • 3. Rockstar follows up Vice City with this gem and adds more customization to the player character and of course a brand new city to run amok in. Funny dialogue between the characters too.

  • 2. Love this game, fantastic sound and very scary only outdone by my #1.

  • 1. The perennial scariest horror game of all time imo. The ending just cut me down...dark as hell...