Beginner’s Guide: How to Massage Your Prostate

Did you know that males have a “G-Spot”? It’s called the prostate.

The prostate is a gland in your lower body that secrets the watery component of semen.

But that’s not all that it does. The prostate, if stimulated correctly, is responsible for pre-longed orgasmic pleasure.

You can literally give yourself prostate orgasm.

So it should be part of many man’s sexual exploration.

Did We Mention That It’s Healthy?

A prostate massage isn’t just for sexual fulfillment. It can improve your health too.

In fact, massaging is a “medical method” of maintaining that gland’s health!

Benefits of Prostate Massage

For starters, it clears the prostatic duct. Having that clogged can lead to serious problems, such as painful orgasms.

And a clogged prostatic duct isn’t just bad for sex. It can be life-threatening too, where you might up with a urinary infection.

Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer.

Prostatitis is a prostate inflammation.

With regular massaging, you relax your prostate. And you reduce chances of inflammation.

Also, regular stimulation of your prostate can stave off cancer. And as we all know, prostate cancer is a difficult killer to detect.

Getting into the Habit Early.

The sooner, the better. You can start this habit if you’re young.

Why? Because the more of a habit it becomes, the less you’ll need a prostate check by the time you’re 50!


Reaching the prostate is difficult.

You can’t finger it easily like the female G-Spot. And that’s because it’s harder to reach by hand.

Access to the prostate is done through the anus. You might have noticed that if you’ve had a prostate check.

So normally, you’d have to twist your wrist around, just to hit the target.

And that’s painful. You can’t give yourself prostate orgasm that way.

Not to mention, you’d need to be in weird positions just to do it.

You Need Alternatives.

You need a way of exploring that part of your sex life with any discomfort…

We’ll help you with that. Below, we’ll show you the two primary methods of stimulating your prostate.

We recommend trying each one out. See which works best, and make it habitual!

First Method – Get Help.

For gay men, this is easy. Your intimate partner (or hookup) can help with the job…

But if you’re single (or heterosexual), you’ll have some problems…

The Situation.

For heterosexual men, you might feel uncomfortable asking your partner for a prostate massage.

But if you feel comfortable with your partner’s response, pose the question. See what they think of it…

They might be OK, especially if they’ve had a bisexual experience before.

I Can’t Get a Hookup – Also I’m Single.

And this means you need to DIY.

Fortunately, there are products on the market that cater to this need.

And that would be…

Second Method – Prostate Massager.

We know, it’s not a creative product name…

However, you might have heard of it before. In everyday language, it’s known as a “butt plug.”

It’s like a vibrator. But the main difference is, it’s made for men. And you use it specifically to massage your prostate.

And because it’s a known product in the sex toy market, there are many models you can check out.

The Good & Bad.

Some work well, and some are ineffective.

But as a rule, you’re looking for the most powerful prostate massager.

You need something that’s durable, usable for a long-time, and gives you complete control over the experience.

And Just Like a Female’s Vibrator…

With a prostate massager, intensity matters.

Vibration adds to the experience. After all, with prostate stimulation, you get a more holistic orgasm.

You get better tension relief.

So when shopping for one, you’re looking for similar standards to a high quality vibrator.

How to Pick the Most Powerful Prostate Massager.

Look for an experienced sex toy store.

You want to compare multiple products. You want to see what each one offers…

And while we’re at it, we should mention that each massager you find is unique.

They come in different shapes, thicknesses, vibration intensities, and options.

So be sure to explore. Take your time trying different models, and slowly adopt what suits you best!

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