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get in on google+!

I've got 150 invites to share and since all interested people on my facebook page have already come on board, I thought I might as well share them with the Giant Bomb Community! All you have to do is follow the link (I believe). Let's set up a google+ GB community!


PS: If this is any kind of spam I do apologize and feel free to lock it. Only trying to share the love :P

more invites courtesy of @JJWeatherman:

even more invites courtesy of @coakroach:

more invites! courtesy of @Swoxx:

@Rawrnosaurous: has also got you covered for invites!

@Deusx: sharing his invites and profile! Say thank you to the nice gentleman!


And yet it move and first blog in ages!

So yeah just finished AYIM(and yet it moves) and i thought it to be a good game to get back to blogging.  
What a strange game. 
The gameplay is awesome, the puzzles are well designed and everything is very well put together. however there's one thing that i found a little... weird. The mood. This game could have very well been a typical, happy go lucky, child friendly puzzle platformer and that would have been totally fine! However, the mood is very different.  
It starts with the music and sound design. Although good, it's very creepy (for lack of a better word) and very ominous. For those who have played it, you know what i mean, for those who haven't, watch the quick look. 
Another factor was the things that go on. in the game. Although the story is basically not there or to use a term overused in the art world (sigh) "open to interpretation". itt seems to have a narrative... but not. it's hard to describe. 
Anyway that's all for now but i ddo plan on making a big blog post on Enslaved... I have so much to say beyond "is it good or bad?" 
here's the quick look for those who haven't played it.  

ALSO! for those who played it, did this sense of confusion also hit you with and yet it moves? what's your opinion?

What is your gut feeling about girl metalheads?

I just want to put the following paragraph out there before I get started.  
Anyone can like any kind of music and this doesn't bother me. Also, metal is a very odd genre of music... It very much feels (to me at least) like the guys club of music. This is why i'm putting these thoughts out there. 
So what is my gut feeling when seeing girls that are as into their metal as I am? Very sadly, it's awkwardness. Videogames and listening to Metal are the two things in my life that are not particularly popular with the girls. But funnily enough, on one hand, a girl that is as into videogames as me is actually very attractive. On the other hand, a girl that is as into their metal as me, is a major turn off. 
Why this bothers me, I do not know... But I can only speculate!    

A boys Club
Part of the reason might be the reason stated above: Metal is a boys club. I'm not saying that it excludes girls, but the very genre seems to not be very friendly to the opposite sex. In many cases, it's strong, powerful, violent music. Although I acknowledge the fact that a girl can associate to all these things, the matter of the fact is these attributes are more readily attributed to men than women. Metalheads will know the awesomeness that is contained in a metal concert but for those who don't, here is what I enjoy about these concerts. 

I will eat your babies...      
I will eat your babies...      

Although the music is a big part of the experience, A larger part is the crowd. At first it's intimidating standing, waiting for the show to begin and next to you is a biker with a FUCKOFF tattoo and a beard that would help him blend perfectly in viking territory.  Alot of these people will look to be nasty fuckers, but if you're looking for the perfect rendition of the saying "don't judge a book by its cover", this would be it. It's awesome how as the concert goes on, the crowd gets wilder and wilder, moshpits are formed and everyone is pushing and shoving in a way only boys used to do as kids and teenagers. but on top of that, there is an underline sense of brotherhood. when you fall in a moshpit, you WILL have someone protecting you while someone else yanks you back on your feet, the guy next to you that you don't know will hold you by the shoulders as he's headbanging like he 's known you since childhood. Everyone is sharing this strong and powerful music together and it's amazing! 
Now picture a girl in the mix. She likes the music too but you'll think harder about what would instinctive. You can't push and shove a girl, you can't hold her like a brother. It just doesn't feel right! Like most guys know, you can't act like an immature prick with your friends as much when girls are around. But ask yourself why? maybe because you want to impress, maybe because you don't want to look stupid, or maybe you don't know why... you just don't do it.  
 Metal is not feminine
 For all that metal does, it never is feminine. The genre seems to revel in the fact that it's masculine. The riffs are low pitched, it's fast, is sonbre, the vocals (for the most part) are yelled... non of these are woman friendly. I guess it's odd that with a genre that seems so unfriendly to something it's weird when that very something comes to embrace it. It should not be, but it is!               
I say that but.... 
    Angela Gossow     
    Angela Gossow     
 At the same time I have huge respect for the woman that make out to be band leaders in metal bands! One of the foremost examples is the band Arch Enemy whos front woman is a woman who can do a better growl than most men (i'm looking at you Atreyu >:( ). But seeing about how I feel about girls in metal, why do i not feel the same as the other woman headbangers? Personally I don't really know!                
Now I put it to you GB users! Do any other metal heads fell the same way?  
Also feel I should add that I'm sorry if I offended some women users on here :( I did not mean to offend!

Today was not the best day I've had...

So today was probably the worst day I’ve had in a while.

First for the mildest, my day of studying turned to shitte after trying to get some code to work and it not budging. Something to do with a class not being initialized and I cannot seem to be able to call it. Really weird. So at this point, If I don’t make progress tomorrow I’m going to get on with my code and code the rest and deal with the problem later.

Also today, I found out that my housemates mother who was in hospital and doing fine is now in hospital and doing badly. They found a tumor in her brain that was (thankfully) benine. But apparently, at some point she started hallucinating. 

I don’t know her at all but I imagine that my housemate, who is alone there, is not doing amazingly. I’m just worried for him… He has been taking care of his Mum alone for ages and would hate to see him shattered over this.

Now if that wasn’t enough, I found out moments later that an old friend of mine has passed away. I hadn’t seen her in half a dozen years but death is death and I deal badly with it. The sadest thing about Hania was the amazing wasted talent that died with her. She was an astoundingly talented singer/musician/songwriter. I remember seeing her perform at the age of 10 with a composure beyond her years. I remember thinking that this individual looks and acts like the next Michael Jackson.

Sadly, as seems to be the trend with most gifted people, she went down the path of self destruction. She was also a very bipolar individual. She had all the support she needed both financially and emotionally but she chose this path, it was not thrust unto her.

Let’s hope for a better and more productive day tomorrow :)

Also [insert deep meaningful and pretentious saying about death and life here]

In Memoriam to a gifted individual

Ryan Davis british edition, love life reboot and studiiiies...

So today I served a customer who look EXACTLY like Ryan. same build, same weight (no offence to him :/ ) and even had the same facial hair. His voice was a little higher pitched but the resemblance was uncanny! I really, REALLY wanted to say that he looks like a guy I listen to on a bombcast, etc... But when it comes to that stuff with customers, it's always dodgy since you don't know how they'll react to you saying things like this. 
In other news,(and just to make this post a bit longer), I went on a date with this girl I met a few weeks ago and it went amazingly. It's been a while since I found someone who actually clicked and it's such a relief to have the thought of "I can't wait to see her again!". I've had a few dates in the past year but I always came out of it thinking "something didn't quite feel right..." and  don't go on other dates. 
Otherwise I've been working with particle effects alot lately and managed to do a really excellent effect of an object disintegrating into sand/ash and disappearing. Although it already looks good, there are a few kinks: for one, the particles all look the same and although it looks fine if the model is supposed to be sand or ash, but i'd like to have particles that almost look like paint peeling off. Another thing is the fact that as the model disappears, the particles still generate on where the missing pieces are. Ultimately, I'd like to have them be generated only on the parts of the model that are still visible. 
On the other hand, and on a more negative note, I'm struggling with my flash and AS3. being relatively new in flash and having to create a network game is doing my head in and I only have 20 days to finish it + have a writeup done!! ARG! Thank god Red Dead Redemption comes out the day after either to cheer me up or reward me! 


Soooo... I told my supervisor to go fuck himself today...

First, for a little back story...  

Recently, this supervisor of mine and a coworker started seeing each other even though it's the worst idea in the world. For one, Coworkers so instant flags but that's not my problem. For second, this girl coworker started fooling around with this guy a single DAY after she broke up with her 3 year fiancee. If that doesn't sound like a rebound I have no idea what does. Even though everyone at work has warned this supervisor of the dangerous waters he's treading in, he chose to ignore all this. already you can see the kind of desperate idiot he must be to get into a relationship that's going to end in tatters sooner or later. 
Enough about the drama! here's what happened. 
Yesterday pictures showed up on facebook of these two "lovers" at a club, drunk and sucking at each others faces and shirts unbuttoning like they were going to do it right then and there. This followed with tons of people, including myself, laughing at the hilarity. I was in tears at how funny the pictures were.  

I'll admit I laid it on a little thick in the making fun... Today the supervisor (bare in mind he's the skinny creepy kind of guy) sends me an IM asking me what my problem was. The conversation spiraled out of control until he tells me I've lost my job.  
At this point things go from funny to infuriating as he assures me that i'm not coming to work, etc. and me telling him he hasn't got the power nor the right.  I also asked him about my work performance. quote: " how about not doing much work, miguel noticed this, yan, mark, everyone you work with have noticed you slack off a hell of a lot to flirt with the girls"......... This is bs as alot of my coworkers like working with me because I work hard. 
At the end of this convo I told him I was going to work to see about this and he better have his facts straight. He assures me he does.  
 side note: transcript of the convo is available if you want to see it ;)
Upon arrival I go see the supervisor who's working and ask him about my work performance. They assure me it's good, to which I explain what's happened. They thankfully freak out too and send me to see the manager to talk to him. 
I won't go into the discussion but long story short: he said that based on what I said it's totally disgusting that he pulled a card he doesn't have (only the manager does) and that my job can only be terminated by himself over my work performance and nothing else. I promised to send him the transcript of the convo. He also asked about whether I wanted to file a complaint to which I declined and only asked for a verbal warning. 
So tonight I went back to get some milk  and cereal for tomorrow (it's the closest and best place to mine). Sadly he was working so I knew something was going to be said.  Here's how it went: 
Supervisor:"hey Thomas... Sorry about earlier." 
Thomas: "eeeh... You can go fuck yourself" 
He crossed the "forgive and forget" line as soon as he threatened my job. Now he can tell me what to do at work and I will do it. Outside of that, I will not acknowledge him. 
Anyway sorry about the long blog, just wanted to chronicle this event :D 


A testimony of success for being nice to people

As I commented in previous blogs, my PS3 has been in repairs for YLOD and sadly I had a rental stuck in the drive. So today I finally got it back! 
After playing a good chunk of Demon's souls, which btw is absolutely awesome, I decided to go to my local blockbuster to give back my 2 weeks,2days late rental...  
When I had only just got my YLOD I had gone straight to the blockbusters to inform the manager of the problem. He said we would deal with it  when i got my PS3 back but he couldn't guarantee anything in terms of refunds and whatnot.  That's fair enough because it's my problem, not theirs. 
So today I went to give back my bluray with the full expectation that I would have to pay the full amount back and if I was lucky, the manager would only make me pay half the amount because we're good friends and he's a great guy. 
When I gave it to him to check I re-explained what had happened and he then decided to take off the full amount! Here I was in awe with a mouth full of tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad that he was nice enough to do that for me! I thanked him profusely and then left. 
In the past, having a good customer-employee relationship with the manager and a couple of the workers that work there has bagged me at least 2 free game rentals, 4 free movie rentals and the manager was willing to let me trade in a used retail copy of BFBC2 for the PS3 and exchange it against a retail copy of the same game for 360 (even though he was not supposed to). I sweetened the deal by getting him a coffee for the nice gesture and because he said he needed it. The guy didn't expect it and he was truly grateful.  
Sorry about the ramble but I felt the need to publish this story to encourage people to treat customer service employees right because who knows, they might cut you a deal and go beyond what they need to do to help you out.


I swear I should be at least 5 years older...

I'm 21 and I still don't feel at ease with my own age group... i thought that when hitting the 20's, people would start to grow up, face life and stop being teenagers. I was wrong.  

I find i enjoy my time so much more with people who are 25 and above. It really seems they have grown up and are more level headed but yet, we can always have fun. 
Whenever I meet someone my own age more than likely, they will be/be doing the following: complaining about stuff that really doesn't matter, complaining about people, gossiping (yes, even the guys :| ), not knowing their limits, Having a lack of insight and wisdom... The list goes on.   

I dread going to work for a simple reason that astoundingly has nothing to do with the work: It's that I know that I'll be working with counter productive people who would rather chat about nothing that get the work done, over with and be proud of it.    

This is all made more hilarious by the fact that since we are working in a new store, we ALL had an 8 week temporary position and we would be kept on if we did well. Most people would make this an opportunity to show what you're made of to KEEP the job. Not early 20yr olds....   

Whenever I am asked an opinion about a person or something like that I always decline to comment and this surprises people. Why are we interested? It is their business, not ours. And if you do feel like this, you better make sure you're ready to say the same thing to their face or don't say it at all! I have learnt from my teenage years that gossip ALWAYS comes to bite you in the arse at some point and it's your own fault. I would have just assumed these people learnt the same thing!
Anyway I'm sorry if this seems a bit rant-ish, but this is a blog so might as well! 
Is it just me or do you also feel this way about gossip and teenage behaviours?


Day 12 of YLOD - Things are getting ugly

So today, since it's been 24hrs since my email to Console Doctors about my broken PS3 and no reply, I decided to try to call them.  
First thing i noticed when looking for their number, they've redesigned their website. Interesting. So i found the number, rang and no one answers. So I decide to log in and see whats going on. 
This is where a normal black guy would exclaim "Aww HELL no.." 
I can't log in. I have an account, and for some reason I can't log in. So I try all the passwords I recycle. Nothing. Lets make sure it's still on their system I think to myself. Create new account... and it went through! And so they have no details on my recent order whatsoever. 
In light of this, I send them a long email explaining everything, with the previous emails attached confirming the warranty repair and their having received my PS3. 
After sending that, I try to call them. now the phone is busy. I really, REALLY hope it's just because it's lunch time...  
Now I'm anticipating the worst so I come to you:  
What should I do if the worst happens and they either don't reply to my emails or deny any involvment with my PS3? 


Day 11 of YLOD - All is well... but not for long

So it's been 11 days that my PS3 died a second time from YLOD in 2 months. Sent back my ps3 to console doctors to have it repair under warranty. Somehow I think they're taking their sweet time because I am not paying for it. It's been received since wednesday and I have no idea what the status is on my machine. I know that YLOD is an hour fix maximum so I have a big feeling they're taking their sweet time because I am not a paying customer.  
I sent an email this morning to get an update and still no response. I wouldn't mind so much about the long wait if: 
a. I didn't have demon's souls waiting to be played for the first time and 
b. I didn't have a rental bluray that is now at least a week and a half overdue because of the BR stuck in the drive! 
So the lessons I learnt from all this? 
for one, don't use third parties to take care of your machine. Use the original company to do the fixing even if it's more expensive. 
for two, UPS is awesome. they came tuesday at 4.30 in the afternoon and had it delivered at 11.15 the next day. Unrivaled as far as i'm concerned!

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