Who turned out de liiiiights??

Over the past week

 I have discovered that, apparently, I'm not very good at stealth games. I played about 3 hours of Metal Gear Solid 4 (not knowing how long the game is I can't really pass judgement on what I have seen. For all I know i'm just getting started.) and about 5 hours of Splinter Cell Conviction. Both encourage stealth, though each is forgiving enough to humour my thunderous attempts at it. Perhaps I am being too purist when I approach these games - being spotted at all is to be considered failure. What frustrated me were the segments of each game where, having established a stealth ethos, the slippers were abruptly removed and I was thrust forward into the spotlight.  
Usually when I am spotted my first instincts are:   

  1. PANIC!! 
  2. Hide until everyone goes away. 

Unfortunately this usually means crouching in a dark corner for 2 minutes listening to hammy goon dialogue, then repeating the entire exercise again as soon as patrols have been resumed. The worst thing is knowing that, on the normal setting of Conviction on which I play, I could potentially just run around with a shotgun and blast my way through the cardboard enemies. Having tried this I can report that the game is much more enjoyable, though I feel slightly guilty in doing so. Shotguns in a Splinter Cell game are an awkwardness, a jarring juxtaposition on par with Marcus Fenix writing Poetry. It just feels... wrong. 
Roses are red... 
Roses are red... 

Speaking of Marcus Fenix

 the next Gears Of War novel is due to ship on the 25th. Anvil Gate is the third book in the series and will chart the events leading up to the third game. I don't give a fuck if you are interested, I am fucking stoked. Pre-order time :D 

What else happened today?

 Oh yeah, Left 4 Dead news at GamesCon. The next free Left 4 Dead DLC is titled The Sacrifice and patches in the original survivors account of The Passing for both the original and second Left 4 Dead games. Apparently we get to decide the fate of one of the original survivors deaths - which is kinda weird considering it was very definitely Bill that died at the end of The Passing. I don't know if I want to have to make that choice. That's going to be fucking hard. Could you send Louis to his death? 



Ok... maybe you could. 
Anyways, as an extra treat the DLC also contains a L4D2 version of the No Mercy hospital campaign. That L4D2 is really starting to flesh out into a decent sized game. Anyone with qualms over it's value can now be silenced. But not with a silencer because, as previously mentioned, I suck at stealth games. 
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