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No word on PC?

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@Korne said:
@Shuborno: It has to do with DLC sales. Steam does not allow a game to be on their service if they do not allow Steam sell the DLC for that game. It doesn't have to be exclusive to Steam, but they want it to be available through the service. EA has not been doing this, and has been releasing DLC that can be bought through an in-game menu that takes you to an EA store. So it sounds like EA wants to cut out the middle man and sell the content directly, while Steam is against this since it basically uses the Steam service to sell the content without Valve getting a penny.
Finally someone who understands it. I've been explaining this on forums since Crysis 2 was pulled yet no gaming press seems to see it. 
All it would take for these EA games to be compliant with Steam's TOS is to sell DLC on steam aswell as origin (much like Bad Company 2). It wasn't a problem for EA on that game and thats why no one is buying their BS on BF3. It is plain and simple, this decision is solely based on EA's greed. They are hiding behind the fact that BF3 will be a juggernaut in terms of sales to test if they can get away with making EA's own store the only place to sell all the DLC on all their games.  And they will get away with it.
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Sad day for gamers. I've read 1up.com and subscribed to 1up Show, Yours, CGW and EGM live for a little over 3 years now and although there were some major losses over the last year+, the remainder of the staff there were doing a good job at keeping the content up to scratch. Won't miss Bettenhausen at all, but will miss the podcasts and shows. Hope the guys land on their feet.