Guilty pleasure games

A list of games that I know are Bad for me!

List items

  • On psp this Sims-esq pretend your a footballer game involves tasks such as taking your in game Girl friend out to a restaurant.

  • I bought this cheap pre-owned saw I was never going to feel riped off by it but I was still surprised at how much I enjoyed this shooter!

    So all you haters of this game can "eat s**t, you commie f**king pri*ks!"

  • Ok.... Everyone now knows that this game is class now but back in 1995 telling your psx console (playstaion) owning friends that you liked this was like telling them that... "I like to play with dolls when I get home from School"

  • A Geeky grind fest of a game.

  • Got this on Gamecube on release for my girl friend and I actually enjoyed playing too!