Yet another End of year Top Ten Games List

Yes, it's another top 10 of 2013 list. Enjoy it

List items

  • Let me start by saying, I HATE Escort quests. I am not a fan of children. So when I heard that this was a zombie game where you have to cart a young girl across the ruins I was hesitant... then I saw the trailers and it put lie to my kneejerk reaction to bury this down on my "someday maybe" list.... And then I played it... And now here it sits atop my list. That's really all there is to it

  • I have been in love with the Bioshock series since I first set foot on the lighthouse lo those many years ago and when I heard there was one IN THE SKY I just couldn't resist. Yes it's not a perfect game, but the story was engaging enough to make me wonder what was going on and hunt for every scrap of tape I could find to give me a leg to stand on. Combine that with a combat system that puts your standard FPS to shame and you've got a solid game in my book.

  • Okay, this one slipped under my radar entirely until my friend sat me down and said, "Here, play this" 3 or so hours later I stood up with a smile on my face and a sigh on my lips. This was an amazing journey in storytelling. There were Highs and Lows, twists I didn't expect and I'm told I even missed some threads that would have made it better. When you can miss part of the narrative and STILL be so engaged you lose a chunk of time big enough to fit a Movie into there's something there to be had

  • Okay, so I've heard a lot of negative things said about this game, and I won't Lie it's earned some of those hits. But in spite of that I found myself deeply entrenched in the goings on of those around me as I struggled to find any weapon I could to fight off these alien invaders. Solid TPS mechanics and a fairly intuitive command system makes this a great romp through the 50s

  • Yes this is on my list, no I'm not apologizing. Having played through the Rise of the Saints I felt that this would be an interesting capper to the stories of the Boss. And being able to Run at Mach 3 to Hurricanrana an Alien soldier across town just adds that little something that will always hold a special place in my heart

  • I must admit I missed the first Poker Night when it was making the rounds and was surprised to hear of a sequel. I didn't expect the wonderful table chatter and delightful antics this game provides. This is one of the few games I'll just fire up when I have 10 minutes to kill just to hear GladOs put Claptrap in his place when I bluff him out

  • Okay, I admit it. I gave up on the GTA franchise back in Vice City. I had had my fun driving a tank off a building and into a hail of Spec Ops fire then driving away only to be stopped by an indestructible tree. But I was worn down from all sides and eventually picked up a copy at the behest of a good friend... I have enjoyed this a lot more then I thought I would. Dreading to go home as Michael. the raw insanity that is Trevor... even the youthful exhuberence that is Franklin. now if only there was more to do in this city between flying blimps into army bases. those parachutes aren't gonna buy themselves

  • Recipe for instant money. take one beloved Icon of gaming from my childhood. Leave gameplay almost entirely untouched. Add a generous helping of modernization for graphics and sound. Then add new features and release

  • This game, is SOOO much fun to play with friends. I played some couch multi with my buds and watching each character go through their trials while trying to figure out some of the rediculous buzzles. That was a treat.