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Oh, so good! 0

I'll start off saying I never played the first Steam World Dig. I played a couple of hours of Steam World Heist and really liked the world and aesthetic of the game. I completely overlooked Steam World Dig, but after hearing all the positive talks by the Giant Bomb staff I decided to give it a go. This game, to put it simply, is a metroidvania-like where you dig, and mine your way through different areas, killing enemies, gaining XP and gold to upgrade the tools you gain throughout the game. Yo...

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Blitz: The League II Review 0

Being a fan of the Blitz series back in the late 90s through the Blitz 20-02 and 20-03 games, I'm surprised that it took me 3 years after the release of Blitz: The League II to actually get around to playing it. I completely ignored the first title in The League series but it seems that it's not a huge deal going into The League II.So far the only thing I see transferring over from Blitz: The League I to Blitz: The League II is 15 teams and some key players as well as some story elements explain...

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot keeps the franchise going strong. 0

I was late getting into Condemned, seeing that I was not into the next generation of gaming when the first in the franchise was released on the Xbox 360. After I got my Xbox 360, Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of the first five games I picked up for it. I had a lot of interest in the game from reading in game magazine and seeing coverage on various game sites. Being a big fan of horror-themed video games, I knew I would enjoy the game.Condemned 2: Bloodshot was released on March, 11 2008 on...

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Overall this game isn't horrible, but it's just not great either. 0

I borrowed this game from a friend of mine a few days ago, and I'm really glad I did not buy it myself. Being a fan of the anime in the past myself, I had some hope for this game. I gave the game 2/5 stars because it seems it could have had a lot of potential but it fell flat. I was on the breach of giving the game 1 to 1.5 stars, but I did enjoy the game the brief time I spent with it. Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is plagued with repetitive quests, enemies, and boring surroundings. I'll get more in-...

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Great Fighter for the PSP 0

There has been a hand full of portable fighting games. Darkstalkers is the best so far. This game has plenty of things to keep you occupied on the road, in the bathroom, and even at home. With the controls of the PSP you can set the controls to how you want. This game is packed with fun, and amazing characters with plenty of personality. There are also 3 different fighting modes on this game. First of the three is Arcade. Arcade is the average you pick a character, go through stages until the ...

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Underappreciated 2

It may not have been as hyped as Final Fantasy VII, but The Legend of Dragoon is a well-made game with plenty of action to keep you entertained. The Legend of Dragoon is a 4 disc adventure where you meet many colorful characters, face off against your many foes, kill dragons, and find meaning. This game revolves around Dart. A laid back guy who is searching for the Black Monster that destroyed his village and possibly killed his parents. The game starts with Dart getting chased by a large gree...

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This will satisfy your FPS and Sci-Fi Needs 0

Project: Snowblind(a catchy title) released in 2004. This game is based in the future about the year 2054. Where there is bio-enhancements and mechs running around. A little about the main character. His name is Lt. Nathan Frost, joined the army after his brother died. While he and the rest of the troops where at a ceremony the based was attacked by the Republic. After you storm through some areas and Republic scum, they drop a small nuke. The nukes is falling toward a downed comrade. Nathan th...

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A Game With A Movie Feel To It 0

Indigo Prophecy starts off in the middle of a big mess. Lucas Kane has just committed a murder, that he had no control over. After the opening sequence you take the roll of Lucas and have numerous options of things to do. Things like inspect the body, hide the body, clean up, and other interactive things. After you're done with Lucas Kane's ordeal you take the roll of the police duo of Carlo and Tyler, the team in charge of this murder case. So you play the roles of the hunter and the hunted. T...

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Welcome to Rapture 2

Going into BioShock.. You can skip this if you wish, it is just a small introduction into why I'm interested in this game and what I expected going into it. I've been keeping an eye on this game ever since it's release, but due to not having a Xbox 360 at the time I never had a chance to play it and eventually lost interest in it. Fast forward months ahead when I do have the Xbox 360. I was at a local game retailer and I saw BioShock on the shelf for $39.99 used. Since I had the cash on me and s...

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