Dealing with Play-Asia

I totally bought Borderlands. Like. I totally own it. Two copies actually. One for me. One for my mate. It is both tight and sweet. 
I technically own it.
I have ordered two copies off Play-Asia and am just waiting for the delivery and I just want to know...How long exactly does it take to process a fucking order?! You have my money. You have my address. You have the address through my PayPal account aswell. Shouldn't it be a simple matter of putting these two games in a box and giving it to FedEx to deliver to me post haste? No. For five days I have seen them processing my order. 
I originally thought that I would do it this way cause it would save me thirty dollars off the price of two copies which I think is cool but had I known it would take this long I would have paid the extra to get it immediately, I mean, I'm not mocking Play-Asia here but, I'd just rather pay a little bit more and get it right away. 
Anywho. Yeah. Can't wait regardless.
I downloaded Space Invaders Extreme. That game is awesome. I also acquired the Soundtrack (Space Invaders Extreme Audio Cluster) and that is not so awesome, I don't think it resembles the awesome beats I hear in the XBLA version which is a huge let down of sorts.
Thats about it.
School was cancelled today which makes it even better. Yeah.