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I Can Has Cheeseburger In Paradise? 0

When has there been a time that I didn’t agree with crashing beautiful and expensive cars? Ah, yes, real life. Thanks to Burnout Paradise, gamers can now treat their gas pedal-happy hearts with crashing, jumping, racing, drifting, burning, and the ability to defy physics by turning your car over and wreaking havoc throughout Paradise City. Sound good? If it doesn’t, then let me elaborate for you on this great addition to a beloved franchise. In the beginning of the game, you start out with a br...

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Oh The Cars You Will Throw 0

You know that game that came with the Halo 3 Beta, right? That game would be Crackdown. This is not a GTA clone. This is not a gimmick (okay, maybe it is) and it is not a bad game. Not bad at all. Now where should I start? Oh yes, the storyline... yeah there isn't much of that. Basically, you are a cop on mega-steroids and you need to kill the gangstaz. To wipe out the gangstaz from their homes, you must kill 7 bosses of each gang (there are 3 gangs) which makes 21 bosses in all. That may seem l...

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Beyond the Sea 0

Tons of people in class ask me if this is the next Halo. When I say no, they're dissappointed. Just because it's a First Person Shooter, doesn't mean that it fits in the same class as Halo because BioShock redefines the single-player fun and innovation of the FPS genre and lives up to all its hype. It is set in 1961 in the Atlantic Ocean in which the plane you were in mysteriously crashes. Soon, you come upon the underwater city of Rapture where everyone seems to hate you. The people of Rapture ...

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