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i am really disturbed that this conversation is even being had in the first place. The reasons why the empire is evil include 1. zero accountability to the people because even when the imperial senate existed it had zero actual power 2. the suppression of free trade and free speech for example in inferno squad we learn even saying something bad about the empire can earn you lifetime imprisonment also the holonet is heavily censured 3. genocide on races like the geonosians 4. slavery on races like the wookies and the bodachi which we learned about in lost stars 5. subjegation on worlds with no regard for the citizens or environment for example on lothal, jelucan, and wobani 6. most of all the destruction of alderan and jedha city killing billions of innocent men women and children that did nothing to deserve death. to address the point that ''the republic wasnt much better'' no the republic was not perfect especially shortly before and during the clone wars corruption and bureaucracy were like a cancer eating away at the heart of the republic and yes slavery on planets like tattoine was allowed to continue but the republic was nowhere near as evil as the empire. The republic didnt build a planet destroying super weapon then use it to blow up a planet and a city killing billions of innocent men women and children and the republic didn't subjugate entire worlds like the empire. to address the idea that luke should not have blown up the death star 1. the death star was a legitimate military target 2. the death star was seconds away from destroying yavin 4 and the rebels opposing a fascist tyrannical regime does not mean they deserved to die on yavin 4 and if the rebellion had allowed the death star to remain the empire could have used it to blow up more planets killing millions more innocent civilians