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halloween games

I plan on finishing the following games before October 31.
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
Dead Space Extraction
The Zombie Island DLC for borderlands
Dead RIsing 2 Case Zero


Sam and Max season 3, or whatever its called comes out this week.

Its hard for me to explain exactly what this means to me.  I started playing PC adventure games at a very early age, specifically the space quest series from SIerra,  and of course all of the fantastic Lucasarts classics.  These games affected the way I view the world in a lot of ways.  For instance, I get super excited for any sort of road side attraction... especially the dumb ones.  I owe this in no small part to Sam and Max hit the road.  I also have always loved strange sci fi space movies, because of the space quest series.  Full Throttle was interesting to me because it was one of the first games I played with a true cinematic feel without being an FMV movie with occasional inputs.   
Anyway, where all this is going, is that I have become a HUGE Telltale fan over the last several years, because they have caused a Renaissance in the most influential genre  for me.  Its interesting, because Telltale has made me go back and play some of the adventure games that I missed over the years.  For instance, prior to telltale reigniting my passion for these fantastic games, I had never touched a single monkey island game.  I have now played them all.  This is exciting.
I apologize for how this appears to be a very loose collection of thoughts.


My PS3 plans

I plan on getting a ps3 in the near future because, well,  I don't feel like missing out on games like resistance, metal gear solid 4 and littlebigplanet anymore.

I'm not sure which model of ps3 to get?  I don't really care too much about HDD size, as its upgradeable.  I am kind of concerned about backwards compatibility, and usb slots... since using a hub for something like rock band seems kind of clunky and messy for 2008.

Another big question I have is, since I will in fact be playing rock band, and guitar hero world tour,... is which peripherals to get?! I already own a ps3 guitar and drum kit, since I have the ps2 rock band bundle.  Id like to get another guitar, and I wouldn't be opposed to owning another drum set if need be.  However, I really don't see a clear cut answer to this question.

Anyway! if anyone has any advice on any of these topics... feel free to discuss.