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top 6 games of 2014

I've done a top 10 games list for the last few years, but this year I was unable to for one reason. That reason is Destiny. Destiny really got its hooks in me. Destiny is the first game that has ever made me play online with my friends regularly. For that matter, Destiny is the only game where I've ever cared about online multiplayer. Destiny is also the only game that I've played more than a handful of pvp matches. I don't think Destiny is the best game I've ever played, but it was definitely the right place at the right time for my friends and I. Consequently... I didn't finish 10 games this year.

List items

  • its a shame there isn't more content, or is it?

  • I'm a guy who grew up on point and click adventure games, loves a good sci-fi story, and also loves turn-based strategy. This game scratches all 3 of those itches for me, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. Extra points for the "cause and effect" ending to the story.

  • The tone and color palette pleased me.

  • fake cold war spy stuff is awesome.

  • frantic pace racing to get eaten by the worm was one of the highlights of extra-life 2014 for me.

  • This year I got really into professional wrestling. This is a professional wrestling game.