the League of Legends normal player base,KD over Win.

so ive been playing a bit of League of Legends lately(only lv19 and kind of suck) and the game is great,but since im not lv30 yet and dont have friends online most of the time i dont go rank and tend to solo normal,and the player base for the most part,completely sucks and hers why, they mostely think kd ratio is more important then teamwork and taking down towers and minions and ultimately winning,and most are shit talkers that say how mutch you suck and 5 minuets later when they think you are doing well they say how pro you are,im so sick of the player base if the game wasent as good as it is i would have quit long ago,here is a screen shot as an example(hope this is readable) edit : also people that say fuck my team and ask who wants to feed,oh and leavers.




im in america part 2

ok well for starters i have to say i was not saying that sandiego was lame but that oceanside was,ill most likely enjoy downtown diego but oceanside has only got peerview going for it. so ive been filming a bunch of crap since around the airport in okinawa and will post that when i get back to japan,but so far oceanside has been a lot of the same that im used to on the bases in okinawa but that will change when i have my last weeks stay in downtown san fransico...cant efing wait.


holy crap im in america.

so im in america,and its the first time ive been here,i live in okinawa japan and have only been to mainland japan so i am very exited about this,so oceanside san diego is lame but i have things to do here(family stuff) so i wanted some advice on what the must do things are over here. 
edit:im back in japan.


the future of gaming...reality.

so ive been watching this for the last 30 minutes,and its scaing me shitless.  
it starts off simple with the hole Why facebook games make money but then it goes into games and reality converging  and the finaly it talks about the future of life having a point  system and achivements and whatnot and thats what scares me because i see it happening in every day life,i my self have been going to the lawsons convenient store every time im out and want a snack because they use the same point card as the GEO(a videogame store) so this future dosent seem that far and i think it will be so easy to adapt that we will not find it strange and thats when they have complete controll of our decisions,ahh the future.