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A handheld version of a popular, plastic-heavy music game doesn’t need to be difficult. Just ditch the instruments! For Guitar Hero: On Tour, Activision created an unnecessary and obstructive dongle to affix on the DS, making that game out to be more of a gimmick than anything. For Rock Band Unplugged, Harmonix thankfully didn’t feel the need to ship you a drum kit eleven times the size of your PSP. Their past work on games like Frequency and Amplitude carries over in literal ways, and it works....

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Guitar Hero II - Review 0

This is the first downward trend in the Guitar Hero franchise.Okay, that’s a scathing, somewhat crappy thing to say about a game I just gave four stars.  My limited budget (and eager to improve writing) has led me to revisit the untouched boxes on my shelf, even those that I reviewed for a high school paper at the time of its release.  I was led to a very cheap Xbox 360 version of the game and picked it up for prosperity’s sake: the original PS2 version will not work on the PS3.  Well, it’ll wor...

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