2015 games that I'm actually playing in 2015

What a novel concept this is! Playing games as they come out! If only I had more time to play them!

List items

  • More forgiving than its predecessors and in some ways lacking, I still enjoyed this game quite a bit. I think this is probably the best the combat has ever felt, though I wish there was perhaps a little more variety in the equipment. Chalice Dungeons are making me like this game less, not more, but I must have the platinum.

  • First MonHun game, and I love it! I wish that there was maybe more variety in maps, but I keep coming back to this for a few hunts each week.

  • Gee, I really ought to play more than like 15 minutes of this at some point!

  • Next up after I can pull myself away from sadistic Bloodborne Chalice dungeons.

  • Will be playing this in addition to MH4U.