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That is an interesting way to break ties

[Quote]As before, votes were tallied based on weighted value, and then unweighted value as a tiebreaker. If the results were still tied, then the two shows shared the ranking, as you'll see below..[/quote]

Not sure if I can fully utilize it because of lower voter turn out in AV.

Not a lot of folks talk about the anime industry and pick significant events. Really appreciate seeing that, it is pretty informative. business and the workforce really affects a lot of things

I forgot you use trailers

Definitely a time saving thing. Menos makes bannners. Well, I do try to make some every year to lessen the workload on him.

Didn't expect Hinamatsuri. It might be due to the father themes and comedy. Giant Bomb loves God of War, Last of Us, Clementine. GB has a lot of older males compared to AV. That is just an assumption.

The only same placement is Devilman Crybaby in 3r place. That title stands out despite its rushed 10 episodes

Odd to see Dragon Ball Z Kai and not Dragon Ball Super. Oh wait Super is there. 2 entries not 2018

Excellent write up Dochaus

I get the feeling of retiring. The newer, young un need to step up.

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I don't have a list. Nice list. I might as well try to dump something. Netflix only had 3 good anime series: Aggretsuko, Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan and Devilman Crybaby not including Castlevania since that isn't an anime. Oddly enough, Aggretsuko and Devilman Crybaby are the only ones that didn't have TV broadcast which is good since that was part of Netflix's anime simulcast problems. Netflix tends to be late with their anime simulcasts in past years.

Crunchyroll and FUNimation partnership ended in 2018 due to Sony buying up FUNimation. Fans were split. For me, it means I have to get 2 subscriptions to watch my anime as I only watch subs.

Amazon's Anime Strike ended. Good god it did.

IN terms of simulcasting, Crunchyroll and FUNimation were top guns. HIDIVE maybe small - I feel it might suffer the same fate as Daisuki, antother small streaming site

I have nt heard anything about Viewster, Wakanim, r the other simulcast sites.

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Post by Taka on Jan 1, 2019 at 4:38pm

I voted. I took too long. Usually I try to vote before everyone else especially before sending confirmation pms.

This year in anime was weak for me since I do prefer action, fantasy, sci-fi over slice of life

This year's slice of Life shows had me loving it.


Cells at Work


Asobi Asobase


School Babysitters

How to keep a Mummy

Hi Score Girl

The show before the long cour shows of Fall 2018

Megalo Box started off good but I hated how it ended

Persona 5 - I love the game. The adaptation could have been better. It is the only anime series that I get attached to the source material. I usually ignore the source material and never compare it to the anime adaptation. Most of the time, it is easy because I don't read manga due to legal access.

Devilman Crybaby - it was a bit too much

Attack on Titan - wasn't as intense. Had few good moments than bad ones

Darling in the Franxx - had a good concept but its 2nd part crash due to being pretentious and it can't shake off of being compared to better mecha shows. It has the feeling of being a copycat

It would be too early to vote Karakuri Circus, JoJo, Fairy Tail, Alicization, or A Certain Magical Index since they are more 24 episodes

I won't vote for them until next year. They should have started in Winter, early year or Spring otherwise people tend to vote for good recent anime and really memorable ones prior. It will be hard to remember just good anime if it didn't hold a lasting impression.

The best action ones for me was My Hero Academia and Golden Kamuy.


Sorry Partner, I didn't hype or comment enough. Was busy and shit exploded in the Anime Vice battle forum just before New Year's Day. Can't really relax and enjoy the holidays with our debaters going at each ther's throat.

I didn't know you had the poll open this long. Some of my mod teammates told me to open the poll earlier. Might be a good idea to open it earlier and close it even later. I hope the turn out was good.

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Thanks I couldn't find it. I thought it was on the community spotlight.

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Awesome! Thanks. Good luck since DocHaus is the writer. I'm just the Gdoc guy.

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@jiggajoe14 said:

Comparatively to last year I probably watched too few anime period. I'm just voting for this

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

I don't add movies to the anime Gdocs. It's anime TV series. The only movie exception is Digimon Adventure Tri since it's a series of movies and it was legally stream on Crunchyroll, making it easier for public access compared to most movies release in Japan, you won't see them simulcast nor being released theatrically or home release in the west.

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Here's my list. Thanks in advance, ZB I kind of rushed blurbs. I didn't reach 10 games for this year, but I feel this year, I had played a lot of new games within a year of their release compared to past years. Maybe I had more time to play games or there were more games that were my cup of tea this year? It was a strange year for me.

Hope everyone who watches anime, come and vote at the GB Anime Duders anime poll of 2017

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I didn't you started this already. Something's buggy with notifications and e-mails. I didn't see your post until I saw the community spotlight. I take it that no one had anything to add.

I put my votes in.

  • non-Japanese cartoon category

That's a good compromise. Over at AV, we went with Dark Horse for extra stuff.

For those who read manga and saw the manga tab, you are free to vote at Anime Vice Boards, just sign up

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Glad to see the franchise is alive. I thought it was dead. I did like Revolution despite it was flawed and yeah, I did see it flop. That's why the price was cut so much and why I haven't heard about it on Twitter among Nier, Breath of the Wild during the first months of 2017

I hope the story is good. After VC1, the story got really predictable. I haven't felt sad for the characters since VC1. Granted, VC2 did better with their characters because they had character missions. VC2 marked the point when they started to adopt more anime cliches/tropes. Though, VC2 was more flexible, making their maps less challenging compared to VC1 where I had to really plan out my steps, I didn't do the Selvaria DLC as I felt the weapons made things too easy. I challenged myself with only upgrades in the story.

Revolution - I do like they tried something new. It was a bit easy. The art style wasn't as good. The expressions was like watching dolls. The story wasn't as good and it was pretty short and predictable.

I don't mind platforms. I can play on the PC or PlayStation. I did have issues with Steam's version of VC1 because of the glitches with ladders and controlling the tank had issues.

For the new game, I did remember Gallia fighting two countries on both sides. It was mentioned not as much in detail. It felt like the first game only concluded on the Imperial Empire. There was nothing about the federation. It feels weird we have to go back to the setting of the first game, twice with VC3 being the first game.

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Updates for the Anime 2017 Gdocs:

I have added this entry that will be streaming on Crunchyroll for Nov. 24, 2017

Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart

Alias: Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life, Net-juu no Susume, Netojuu no Susume

Studio: Lay-duce

Adaptation: Music

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School

Legal Streaming: Crunchyroll


The anime will tell the story of HoneyWorks' "Hatsukoi no Ehon" (The Picture Book of the First Love) and "Ippun Ichibyō Kimi to Boku no" (Yours and My One Minute and One Second) music videos and add new elements. It follows the close but not-yet-romantic relationship between reserved Miou, who is in the arts club, and social Haruki, who is part of the movies club.

Loading Video...

Sources: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-11-20/our-love-has-always-been-10-centimeters-apart-anime-opening-ending-video-streamed/.124280


Hiromi Tsuru - you made Dragon Ball a special series in my heart. Thank you.