Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

I haven't played a lot of games due to Church, school, and being Anime Vice mod. I'm mostly a family type of guy who owns a few consoles: a Wii U, PlayStation 3, a PSP, and a 3DS. Plus, I'm really behind in games.

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  • This game was the most wanted one in the family since my siblings and roommate loved the Smash franchise since the N64 days. It was a hell lot of fun. It had a large roster at the start compared to the previous games which makes unlocking new guys less exciting. Also, I already knew all the newcomers after the mass media. Some of the old fighters feel they got weaker while some got stronger. It took some adjusting. Eight Player Smash was probably the most played mode in my family. It became a big festive fight party especially during Thanksgiving. Old cousins and relatives were very competitive.

  • After I tried watching the TV series in fall 2013 (Acura Max recommended to me in Screened), I fell in love with the series. I had bought this game a year ago but never open it due to being busy. I finished the game during summer of 2014. I was blown away by the unique game play experiences. I'm so used to playing RPGs, actions, platforming, racing, and fighting games. Walking Dead was like a visual novel with click and point play. The decisions you make can be stressful while making me feel so integrated to it.

  • Kingdom Hearts was my first game on the PlayStation 2 after finally getting it in 2012 or '13. I never branch off from Nintendo. I didn't know what games to try for PlayStation. This game was my gateway to Final Fantasy. Oddly enough, I started with 13 which was never featured in Kingdom Hearts, but this game got my sister hooked on Final Fantasy 7. I did wish they fix the targeting and camera system.

    I would put 2.5 since I bought it this year. The original game was still my personal favorite.

  • I was interested in the Persona series when the anime came over. I didn't know where to start. I asked around. I recall Hailinel telling me to try 2. I only found the 3rd game at Game Stop. I picked it up. It was a different RPG experience where the combat system can be exploited for your advantage or the enemy. The weird part for me was the social link and the dating simulator aspects. It got me attach to the characters. I love the game.

  • It was a great game with lots of content. Had the biggest support system in the franchise to date. Not much to say.

  • Got the game pretty late. I thought I was done with the Pokemon craze after retiring from Platinum. I passed the torch to my younger siblings. I blame the anime for renewing my interest. I heard about a new girl called Serena and this so called romance between her and Ash. Recalling the Ash Ketchum thread in Anime Vice with all the gals, I had to jump back in.

  • Haven't play Mario Kart since Double Dash on the Game Cube. Playing this game with family brought some back old memories. I loved the courses and how challenging it was. I feel there wasn't much to do for this racing game. Battle mode was more of race around to kill players compared to Double Dash's courses where it was an arena.