Game of the Year: 2017

Not in order right now. Trying to actually play at least 10 games. This is one strange year since I was able to play new games within their year of release compared to past years. I'm active.

List items

  • I dived in the Persona series with 4 after seeing the anime around 2013? I play it on PS3. I fell in love with it. Persona 5 brought back similar experiences and new memories. I love this game.

  • I was worried about this game when they first announced it was open world. Past Zelda games, I wasn't much of a person to explore vast open areas. I prefer small areas where you had a lot of activity such as Termina Town in Majora's Mask. Breath of the Wild blew my mind. There was another game on this list where it change the formula and unfortunately, it didn't do well. Breath of the Wild is a successful example of diverting from the formula, doing something new. Aside from that, I love the game, most of the lore is hidden in NPC talks and diaries. I wish we could spend more time with the Champions (before the DLC occurred) and the new folks who help Link in their place.

  • Played the game on two player mode all the way. Don't give your prankster friends, the role of Cappy. They will try to kill you. The game had a really memorable ending and New Donk City is my god, best world in Mario.

  • Played two to three players - hard to do more than two players with recent games after Symphonia. It's a fun game. If you do achievements, it's going to take a lot of commitment.

  • Bought the game because I thought it was like Rayman for my two little brothers. Turns out it was Contra. It was fun but it's a short game, 20 hours. Depends on how you want to go. My little brothers just did the story. That was it.

  • Unlike Breath of the Wild that break away from the formula, this game divert from strategy and turn based shooter into a real time, shoot and hack game. I didn't mind it. It was easier than past games. The story is a bit more flawed and way more predictable and packed with more anime tropes. The character models are a bit stiff in facial movements. Despite being flawed, I enjoyed it. Wish it could be better.

  • Still playing

  • My little sister is on it. I'm surprised to see Giant Bomb adding mobile games. I remember there weren't wiki pages on them back when I used to edit in 2013?