Game of the Year: 2018

Didn't play too much games this year compared to last year. I was still trying to buy more games for the PS4 and Switch which I got last year. Most of them were from last year. I hardly buy new games at full price.

List items

  • Must have game for any Nintendo fan and if you haven't bought a Switch, this game is a good one to start with. I should have waited for this one and get the 2 other games, Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. I wasn't too patient.

    Like past Smash games, the fun starts before the game is release. Everyone wants their favorite character to get the Smash letter.

    The game is fun. A bit short, I think in terms of content. The roster is huge. VS mode will be entertaining for the kids.

  • My family is a big fan. They wanted the special edition. The DLC were a bit hit or miss. The game itself was awesome in gameplay wise but the story was flawed. It really took some time to warm up to the main 4 good characters. The villains in the 4th game were all horrible due to being underdeveloped and lacking good motive

  • While I don't play the mobile game, I had the wrong impressions before playing the game. It was unexpectedly a fun game. I wish the 2 player mode was a bit more expanded. The kids rather than play co-op, they like to kill each other with Earthquake or Surf.

    The story is fan service for manga and anime, fans. The post game content is good but not enough. Shiny hunting (while I never did them in past games) is the easiest in this incarnation. The Pokedex is shorter and easier. Thank god, they don't include special legendaries. They should have done for past games with Nintendo Event Pokemon exclusives.