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Games of the Year: 2020

I didn't play too much new games that came out in 2020. The only game that wasn't 2020 which I played was Persona 5 Royal and Kingdom Hearts III DLC. Been busy with work during the pandemic since I work in the healthcare industry.

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  • Even I stopped playing in July, it was an addicting fun game. I had to buy two copies for my family. We competed over collecting stuff and shared islands. I never really developed my dream part of my island.

  • Steam Version: Boy, I forgot how difficult Persona is when doing a new save file for the first time. I never got to play the Golden version. Being an old game makes you admire how convenient Persona 5 was with their social link and monster collecting system.

  • Only played a little bit. My siblings are addicted to it. For a Chinese gacha game that blend Asian inspired lore and 'borrowed' Breath of the Wild's open world without good chemistry/physics mechanic and a bunch of other games, it's enjoyable.

  • I never expected the second Musou/Dynasty Warriors game of Zelda to be great. While the first game was fan service, the second game is surprisingly different. It's all Breath of the Wild and it's canon story. Without spoilers, it's crazy how this game drastically changed the Breath of the Wild mythos. I was expecting PTSD and such. Zelda has an amazing evolution in both Breath of the Wild and this Musou game.

  • I like Musou games. Been a fan of One Piece Warriors since the first one. The 4th one is the easiest game to complete the achievements. It's the only one because it didn't require 100% coin collection. Gameplay wise - I think #3 had easier controls for me.