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Games of the Year: 2021

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  • I only got to play an hour or so. This latest iteration in the Tales of Franchise doesn't feel like Tales. I usually play Tales of games with the multiplayer option. My siblings love the game since the Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube. I am kind of mixed on it. I do embrace the new changes. This game is definitely different like how Breath of the Wild to its other Zelda games.

  • I haven't finished beating the game. I can talk about the graphics and aesthetics which I find charming as it looks like toys.

  • While I loved the original, the new game is longer but slower paced. Unlike the original, there are no evolution scenes. The new game adds elements of illumination as its new major features.

  • I am big fan of musou spinoffs of anime based and Japanese video games like Zelda and One Piece. Never did play Dynasty Warriors which is the original musou game. I was surprised that this game doesn't have multiplayer.