My Giant Bomb Wiki Vitae Summary


It's a concise version of the wiki pages I do. I l list franchises called projects and the best characters that I work on. See my Anime Vice's counterpart list. You can also check my little sister's beloved list. I'm more a character specialist wiki editor on Giant Bomb than Anime Vice.

List started on 1-9-12.

Main Projects

Headers used for Fire Emblem: Story, Personality, Military Affiliation, Class, Supports, Unit Data, and Ending. It may not always be in that order. For unit data, I had to researched that on wikia.

Skies of Arcadia I had different headers such as Biography/ or Story, Combat, and As An Opponent (for enemies). I'm not used to the wiki style of this site since there are no set rules like on Anime Vice. I did enjoyed the flexibility of the wiki style because I had more fun being creative at the wiki edits.

List items