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My Giant Bomb Wiki Vitae Summary


It's a concise version of the wiki pages I do. I l list franchises called projects and the best characters that I work on. See my Anime Vice's counterpart list. You can also check my little sister's beloved list. I'm more a character specialist wiki editor on Giant Bomb than Anime Vice.

List started on 1-9-12.

Main Projects

Headers used for Fire Emblem: Story, Personality, Military Affiliation, Class, Supports, Unit Data, and Ending. It may not always be in that order. For unit data, I had to researched that on wikia.

Skies of Arcadia I had different headers such as Biography/ or Story, Combat, and As An Opponent (for enemies). I'm not used to the wiki style of this site since there are no set rules like on Anime Vice. I did enjoyed the flexibility of the wiki style because I had more fun being creative at the wiki edits.

List items

  • A favorite game for my sister and I. I loved the characters more than the story. I did this wiki edit for her. However, I spent my time on characters for this franchise. I didn't work on the franchise page.

  • I was fond of her. I worked on her story, her class changes, her supports, and endings.

  • One of the hardest pages to work on for this project because he appeared in two games. I had a lot of background to cover for him. I was fond of him in Radiant Dawn, but he was hard to trained in Path of Radiance due to his minor role and thief class. I had to look up his stats on Fire Emblem Wikia after filling in his story, supports, personality, class, and endings.

  • Another of my sister's favorite character. He and Titania were my favorite mounted units. I enjoyed working on his wiki page. I had fun working on his story, supports, and personality. Like the rest, I also did military affiliation, stats, and ending.

  • My sister's favorite character. I liked training this character especially when I had him mauled Ike in that chapter. I wish I had more content for him, but he is a minor character.

  • I worked on his personality, military occupation, story, supports, classes, unit data, and ending. I chose to nominate this page since he is my sister's favorite halberdier. My favorite halberdier is Nephenee, but her page is already completed by Hailinel.

  • A favorite game for my sister and I. I loved the exploration and the story between the characters and how deep and intertwined it got in the game. Unlike Fire Emblem, I worked on this page's ship section.

  • My favorite character and my little sister's in the series. I spent a long time on his biography, his attacks, and finding differences between English and Japanese versions with images. It was like working on Shaman King again because the issues with censorship fascinated me to no end.

  • It's the same thing with Ramirez. I find the gamecube exclusive story to be fascinating. I thought the Dream Cast had this story and her sister until I did some research for her wiki page. I'm lucky that I picked the Gamecube version because I never had a Dream Cast.

  • I worked on her bio, combat, and cameo sections. I liked her, Piastol, and Aika in the game.

  • My second page that I created in Giant Bomb and the 1st Skies of Arcadia character that I created as well. I worked on his bio, combat, and trivia information. Aimee was the 1st page created by me. I loved Cupil as an adorable sidekick.