My Little's Sister's Favorite Franchises/Games/Characters/Concepts/Objects

Long title, yep... Basically I walk in on my little sister playing certain games, see what the heck she likes, and try to understand why she likes those things. Why am I doing this? Because she likes a lot of random stuff. It might be fun for me. Anyway, this list is in no particular order, should be organized as Franchise, then game, then characters/concepts/objects associated to game, and then either another game in the franchise or a different franchise.

Warnings for this list include: A massive onslaught of the Fire Emblem franchise, a lot of my sister's quotes, my quotes, quotes from the game, my sister's opinions, and some really weird reasons for a girl to like a character. It doesn't even sound like she likes the character... Oh, yes, and SPOILERS.

List items

  • She told me that she was first introduced into this franchise when she read fanfiction that crossed over Super Smash Brothers and Skies of Arcadia. So...uh...what the hell?

  • She finally got a copy of this game, and she's been happy ever since. Beat the game once, is currently on her second play through attempting 100% completion.

  • Hands down, one of her favorite characters. From his attack animations to how naive he was when he first arrived in Arcadia to how blindly loyal he is to Galcian, just absolutely one of her favorite characters. To her, he didn't seem evil, just confused. And to her, he could've ended up differently if the Valuans hadn't found him first. It still upsets her that you have to kill him in the end. When people complain about how hard Ramirez is to fight, "He was easy. I killed him." Of course, then she gets sad and asks why Ramirez had to die.

  • The prince of Valua. Most people seem to hate him. She likes him because he gives Vyse the Delphinus, steals back the red moon crystal and the green moon crystal, wants to stop his own corrupted country, his "Justice Shield" animation and effect is awesome, and he defends Moegi from this creepy Yafutoman guy. "How can you people not like Enrique?!"

  • The main character of Skies of Arcadia, she liked him ever since she read that fanfiction of him. Then she actually played the game and ended up liking him more.

  • "Wha...married...Urala...? What the hell?! That came out of freaking left field, man!!" "Why do you care if he marries somebody?" "...I'm so jealous of her, man..."

  • Fina's pet. All he ever says is "kyu", but his attack animations vary depending on what stage he's in. Regardless, she finds them all cute. Every time she remodels the fountain in Crescent Isle, she makes sure it's the revolving Cupil one.

  • "Enrique, I approve of you marrying my sister." "This game so ships Enrique and Moegi together, I swear."

  • She loves how Piastol's designed, but she doesn't really like Piastol's character and the idea of revenge. She's still trying to find all the moonfish to get Piastol to meet her little sister, Maria. One thing she did like about Piastol's back story is about how Piastol "died" in a way at the same time that Ramirez "died", both characters changing so drastically after that night. When people complain about how hard fighting Piastol was, my little sister replies, "She was easy. I killed her."

  • "Dammit, why can't I hit you?! Die!" Near the end of the game, after finding the Loopers' Nest Discovery, "You know...these things are kind of...cute, if you think about it..."

  • She liked the Fire Emblem franchise ever since she was first introduced to it by Super Smash Brothers Melee and unlocked Roy.

  • Guess what? Yeah, I finally got it. Now, she never stops playing the game...but I should have expected that. So far, she has completed Lyn's Story Normal and Hard, Eliwood's Story Normal, and Hector's Story Normal. She is in the middle of Eliwood's Story Hard. Last game in the franchise I got...aside from Awakening, but I don't know if she actually likes the game or not.

  • "Pansy." "He is not!" "Yes, he is." "He is not! Pansies are flowers! And he's Roy's dad, so that automatically makes him awesome, and he's HOT!" "You and your weird fetish for red-haired guys."

  • "...why didn't she dodge? She had the speed, why didn't she dodge?" "Well, dodging only goes so far." "Sweet, she criticaled! Screw dodging!" "..."

  • He's a lord that primarily uses axes. He's also probably the best and most accurate primarily axe-using unit too. And yet... "Hector! How could you miss?! Why?! I got a game over!!!"

  • The red knight of the social knights who's in love with Lyn, but can also marry a pegasus knight.

  • The green knight of the social knights. Flirts with anything on two legs that has breasts. "I love this guy! I just wish he could hit something..." Also happens to be as inaccurate as Ephraim.

  • "Dude...she's a magical girl..." "Well, you gave her a guiding ring, so she could promote." "SHUSH! She's a magical girl! A magical girl!"

  • Yeah, this joke is inverted when you see Samus on this list. "...that...THAT'S A GUY?!"

  • "Two words. Badass. Bookworm."

  • "I love Erk!" "Nino is the best mage in the game." "NOOOO!! I trained him for nothing!! Why?! ...Screw Nino, I'm using Erk, or I'll at least use him just for healing while Nino fights."

  • "Pent up rage." "You just had to use that joke...." "Yeees! It's funny. Admit it. It is."

  • "He is Guy of the Kutolah. Fear him, his blade, his braid, and his favors to Matthew!"

  • "...blood...will fall from the sky like rain..." "..." "..." "This guy is a psycho." "He's hot."

  • "...why...?" "Again with this 'why must we kill all the hot guys'? We had this discussion. THEY'RE EVIL." "I know that, but Lloyd is the best damn Swordsmaster in the game! ...Next to Karel because Karel is just that awesome." "What about Guy?" "He has a killing edge. There's no need to defend him."

  • "Why can't we get Harken and Karel?! They're awesome!" "Raven's better than Harken. Guy's better than Karel." "They're still awesome pre-promotes... And they're hot." "Figures you'd argue that."

  • My sister hates pegasus knights very blindly. Fiora, Shiida, and Tanith are the exceptions for I don't know what reasons really. But who knows? Maybe she'll open up to the others too.

  • She usually never uses generals (which I think is silly because Gatrie is a great general) Oswin is the exception.

  • "He is Rath of the Kutolah. Fear him, his bow, and his tendency to speak in ellipses."

  • "...Wil...You are still...strange." "Huh? W-Why? Nonsense. I'm normal! I might as well be Normal Archer number three!" "...Number three? Why three?" "Rath, that's what I want to know too."

  • "Did he just hit on Matthew? Did he just hit on Isadora? Dude, he's totally hitting on Heath!" "And so, the yaoi fangirl is happy."

  • It's a shame that Leila died. She would hold the title as the only female thief my sister likes. "To hell with that! Leila, the only female thief I will ever like!!" "Shouldn't you hate Jaffar then?" "No, he's too badass for me to hate him!"

  • I think she likes almost every thief in the franchise. Except maybe some of the girl thieves and some of the guy thieves. "I just like competent thieves! ...and maybe the hot not so competent thieves..."

  • "..." "He is Jaffar, Angel of Death. Fear him, his Killing Edge, and his ellipses." "He should have a conversation with Rath. Then everyone would fear their tendency to speak in ellipses." Update: It seems this is the only game in the franchise so far that my sister likes all the thieves/assassin dead or alive playable or not. Congrats, FE7, for having likable thieves.

  • Well, she's always favored wyvern knights over pegasus knights... It's too bad pegasus knights are so much better in the GBA games, though. "Heath! Legault was joking; stop running away from him!"

  • Heath is way better than her, but her support conversations are really funny. "Man, she is a total tsun--! No, stop feeding Canas' books to your wyvern, you mean tsundere!!"

  • This is the third Fire Emblem game she's played, and she has beaten Eirika's path. In the middle of Ephraim's path.

  • Lute is the strongest mage in the game. My sister likes mages. She also likes trying to make an A support between either Lute and Artur or Lute and Kyle.

  • She liked his critical hit animation. She also liked his support conversation with Tethys when that dancer randomly asks him if she can touch his face.

  • Purely for her support conversation with Artur. "Oh... Ah, normally, people wait for an answer before they well, touching me. Um... Would you please stop?" "That sounds so wrong out of context..." "Who asks somebody if they can touch your face in the middle of a battle?!"

  • She hated his guts at first for killing Ross. Then she became more fond of him when she restarted and made a support conversation between Joshua and Artur.

  • "Gerik was impressed with Joshua's swordplay." "Yes, and?" "That sounds suggestive." "...I don't know how to answer that..."

  • "I have only one reason." "What is it?" "He's a hot teacher." "I should've known..."

  • "What?! Summoning phantoms?! Necromancy, I say! Necromancy!" And his support conversation with Lute is funny.

  • "Why do we always have to kill the hot guys?!" "Because they're evil." "Oh yeah."

  • Neimi doesn't usually disappoint.

  • She does have an affinity for thieves.

  • In the beginning of the game: dead weight. Promoted: still fragile but can take down pegasus knights almost as well as an archer. Promoted again: AWESOME.

  • Knights that ride on horseback. Who doesn't love them?

  • He hasn't disappointed her yet. Plus, he's Forde's little brother.

  • The red knight of the social knights. All laid-back and falling asleep in the middle of battle.

  • The green knight of the social knights. All serious and uptight and stuff.

  • Eirika is hard to hit and has a high critical hit ratio. Plus, she's a lord, so you have to keep her alive.

  • For her, this is the first lord that uses lances, so she found the attack animation unique and cute.

  • And there's a picture of two of her favorite characters! Support Relationships are fun to make.

  • I got her this game after I got her the sequel of the game. I'm playing it too, and we've both beaten it. We're on our second playthrough.

  • Since Roy's not in Brawl, she plays as Ike more. In Path of Radiance, she always sends him out to fight against multiple enemies at a time to see if he survives or not.

  • "I still can't believe I gave up that seraph robe for that base conversation." "It's still an awesome base conversation!!"

  • She has a fetish for characters who usually have their eyes closed. Plus, Oscar's the green knight of the social knights and has funny support conversations.

  • The red knight of the social knights. His support conversation with Oscar is one of her favorites.

  • Knights that ride on horses. And she has an ax!

  • "When will Princess Elincia get here?" "You have asked me that question 57 times. I have answered that question 57 times. And anon, the 58th time has come. You. Need. To. Relax."

  • "Why did she cut her hair?!" "It'll grow back." "But her hair was so...actually, I think she looks good either way."

  • He's one of the best mages in the game. She likes mages. End of story.

  • "I can't believe I'm dying...on an empty stomach..."

  • His support conversation with Sothe was one of her favorites. Plus, I think she just has a fetish for red-haired guys. And he's a mage.

  • Thief. She likes thieves. Yeah...

  • Well, he's one of my favorite characters too. But that was obvious.

  • Swordsperson. Killing edge. Swordperson + Killing edge = awesome.

  • "Where the heck did you come from?! Out of the sand...? Wow, what a weirdo..."

  • I thought she was a guy at first. Anyway, my sister likes her because she fights better than Sigrun, who is supposed to be her superior.

  • She's a red-haired ax-wielding wyvern-riding knight that will destroy you.

  • "...should I call you 'Mr. Haar' then?" "No, just 'Haar' is fine." "Very well, 'Haar' then." "There, see. That wasn't hard, was it, Jill?" "Actually, 'Haar' does not fit you. I will call you 'Mr. Haar'."

  • "Ikey-poo! Where did you go?"

  • The only one that can use light magic in this game. Protect him.

  • Why does he go around pretending to be a monk again? I don't know...

  • He has heterochromia. Plus, he's one of the more nicer laguz...

  • His support conversation with Oscar was one of her favorites.

  • This is the first game I got for her. I play the game too, and we're both on our second play through, normal mode.

  • Edward was freaking blessed when she first got him. And she has a thing for swordspeople.

  • Leonardo was freaking blessed once he got a hold of Lugnadsh.

  • Laura was hard to train, but she made a cute bishop.

  • Aran is a freaking tank. His defense rivals that of a laguz.

  • One of the most reliable people in the Dawn Brigade.

  • Well, this is obvious, but this rebellious group does have most of her favorite characters.

  • " could you call Volug a dog?!"

  • "I need to get Rafiel away from the two of you before he's tainted."

  • Regardless of whether he's transformed or not, he can vigor up to four people at once. Yeah, he can't move back to safety, but his wings are broken, so how's that his fault?

  • "Why does spinning the weapon triple the damage?" "Do not question the awesomeness that is the Critical Hit."

  • "Oh my gosh! He's evolving! He's evolving!"

  • She first did this using Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf. It's not something she does regularly, but for the fun of it.

  • "People with cat ears and cat tails who turn into cats?" "Well, there are people with wolf ears and people with bird wings too you know!"

  • Regular humans should be loved too.

  • Just because they're different doesn't mean they aren't special.

  • Whoever did the summary for this weapon did a great job.

  • Thieves mostly use knives, and she likes thieves, so yeah.

  • She's not a huge fan of lances, but Oscar uses them, so she's a bigger fan of them.

  • She likes mages, and mages use magic.

  • Kieran and Nolan and Titania use axes.

  • The fourth game we got. She's beaten it, but refuses to play it again. "Where are the support conversations?" "I don't know." "Why can't I rescue anyone?" "I don't know." "Why is this game so hard?" "It's not hard. You just suck." "I do not!"


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This list is great
At Samus Aran in page 2, #45:

"...wait...SHE'S A GIRL?!"

Yeah that didn't happen to me before, cause the first Metroid game that it ever play was Metroid Prime on GameCube. :S
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I struggle financially to provide video games to my little sister and my brother because I don't have a job. I just do odd jobs as a student to buy some Christmas or birthday gifts. They know how expensive games are. My wishlist would be the Final Fantasy games since my sister got hooked on Kingdom Hearts.