Please release me WKC2!!

I'm having trouble focusing at the office since it's getting rather warm in here, so I thought I'd try typing up some sort of wrap-up blog for White Knight Chronicles II. I might play another hour, or another few, or once a week the rest of the year, or never again. But I've hit that point where I no longer feel the drive to push my character (via dozens of hours) to the elite levels of my most talented guildmates, which would bring me more addicting PSN trophies, yes, but they were always going to be the hardest to obtain that I never thought I'd get. I'm ok with the recent announcement that the U.S. won't be getting any of the dlc Japan did that we've all been waiting on, because there was still plenty for me to do and I was mainly having fun playing with guildmates. But as fun as it would be to still quest with them, I've sort of had my fill, ya know?

I'm just shy of 400 hours, which is by far the most time I've ever put into a game. It was the only game I touched from late December to late April. I suppose the answer many would give as to why this game could garner so much clock time is that it's an MMO-type game. Playing with different combinations of people on different quests can still feel fresh. And there are always hundreds of rare items to track down to help makes the hundreds of weapons and armor bits you could ever want to try out. I tried to combine such specific hunts with quests others needed, or quests I could use guild tokens on. When you use tokens at the start of a quest, you earn prestige points for your guild, which in the case of the Lolliepop Guild I spent all my months in, it helped keep us in the top 10, entitling us to additional items and shop discounts. It would still help the guild out if I popped in every few days and used up tokens, so I might do so for a while.

I was excited about this game for the art style, the music, and the enjoyable combat, which were all as good or improved upon from the first game, so there are no regrets. But I need to move on to some other games y'all!! I took a trip for work a couple weeks ago, and always like having portable games on me in such times, so I got back into (or rather restarted) Suikoden Tierkreis. I enjoyed it when it first came out but didn't finish because I got sidetracked by another game. But now I'm a solid 15-ish hours into another and determined to stick it through. On PS3, it looks like my next game is Game of Thrones. I've spotted some early reviews, and they're rather disappointing, but I preordered this a few months ago and am going to at the very least take pleasure in the artwork, the story, and the ability to run around in Westeros. Too cutscene heavy they say? Well Xenosaga Episode 1 was GREAT.

Happy Gaming, JP