Love, Guild Wars 2 and games are pretty alright nowadays.

You know what's great? No, what's amazing? Love.
The guy I've been aching to get my claws on for ages suddenly decided to fly over from England and appear in front of my door with a confession of mutual love.
I hated him for being so far away and focused on his career (which I should be too actually, but hey, blaming people for your own faults is fun!) but that made it all the more shocking.
Needless to say I can barely feel anything below my waist and I have not been outside for days, missing most of the world around me.
But a quick glance shows me some Wii U stuff, lots of complaints (and even murders, really?) about some Muslim film and a new Bayonetta! Awesome!
Oh and I missed the big live show live show live big show live thingie.
Was it as forced and bad as I expected? I managed to watch 5 minutes of it and saw them cut out a cartoon drawer dude, that didn't do much for my expectations.
Someone prove me wrong please, I want to believe.
Last thing before I rant, I managed to tame my curls somewhat and I'm going to try to rock long straight hair for awhile, see if it fits me.

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But you know what else is great? Diversity.
No one is the same, everyone has their unique view and despite how hard it is to respect such views at times it still represents what makes and defines us as humans.
This too holds true for entertainment. People all like different things and have their own view on new games/books/movies.
The point is that people keep comparing them all the bloody time even when its inappropriate and the only thing connecting the two examples is the fact they're both a book or game..
I can't even do a write up about MMO taste because I'll save myself the effort and put it like this.
"If it isn't WoW, it sucks. And if it is an expansion to WoW, it sucks as well. Therefore everything in MMO's suck."
That seems to be the attitude a lot of MMO players (otherwise known as disgruntled WoW players who can't let go of the past) seem to approach any new MMO out there.
Lotro was supposed to be a WoW killer when it came out right? As was WAR, SWTOR and countless others? You all remember all that discussion happening on every forum probably. And now they get a super complete game in the form of Guild Wars 2 and there's still so much bitching.
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But but Tali, Guild Wars 2 sucks, I played a lot and all I'm doing is filling hearts (questing) and some pvp. This is no fun!
It isn't? Why'd you buy it then? Why do you lot even try these games if they're something you dislike at its core?
Am I wrong in thinking that questing, pvping, and generally roaming a big fantasy world is part of a MMO? The genre has things it will hold true to and sometimes some games try to do their own thing with it (Tabula Rasa for example). But its still a MMO, so the whole rpg thing is supposed to be part of it. (Note, I'm using MMO here but I mean MMORPG, since stuff like Diablo 3 could also be a MMO, or a RPG, fuck I think I made it worse now...ah shit. I mean WoW, Lotro, that sorta game alright?)
Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMO's out there. This can be stated as fact since what it offers for its price tag is immense and requires no extra payment after, making even the best F2P pale in comparison.
Sure there might be expansions later on but Lord of the Rings Online (and other F2P's) got away with it so that's not a discussion point (right now).
The thing is that people are mindless rats. Bloody lab animals.
You get a world that's insanely detailed, npc's with all sorts of text that even changes upon the completion or failure of nearby dynamic events, varied skill sets that allow you to mix and match with two sets of weapons and utility skills and to top that off there's a whole robust PVP system in place that just says yo let me normalize your stats along with the rest of the available players and GO PLAY THE GAME instead of grinding to level cap and calling it low level imbalance.
But you wanna know what people do? They bitch, they complain, they cry.
Now complaining is more than fine, go whine all fucking day and make people realize stuff's out of order but for god's sake people, make sure its even worth complaining about.
I'm not going to take apart all sorts of issues that people seem to bring up because its too wide and its holds true to other games as well so it wouldn't be fair to defend only one game.

Instead I want to say "What the fuck is wrong with you people goddamnit?".
First Diablo 3, now this?
You assholes have to open your fucking eyes and READ. Smell the coffee and get your ass out of the clouds (or to Mars).
Diablo 3 wasn't going to be the end all be all game of destiny people seemed to expect but it did what it had to.
Sure, there's faults in the game but I spend close to 200-300 hours playing it and if that doesn't justify the 50 I paid for it then I don't know how you people rate this sort of thing. Stop complaining and start enjoying the game.
I see a load fanboys crying but on the other side I see a whole lot more people playing the game, without complaining, and enjoying the shit out of it for what it is.
No matter how vocal you guys think you are or how important your message is...the game still sold like mad despite it. And an expansion will sell like mad yet again. The game itself is solid.
Guild Wars 2 is a great game and its more than worth the pricetag. It offers everything a MMO should offer but without the monthly fee. That alone is fucking praiseworthy.
But good god, the game is a complete failure because it doesn't have a dungeon finder (for all of its 8 dungeons that don't even become available until level 40) or mounts.
I had trouble coming up with those two already because they do a lot of things right that make the ''faults' disappear.
You want faster map travel? Teleports. They cost pocket change to use, can be clicked from anywhere in the world (as long as you activated them once) and wherever you're heading you are never more than a few minutes away because of the teleports scattered about the zone.
World versus World is a huge map and it could benefit from a speed bonus buff that activates if you've been out of combat for 30 seconds (because really, any shorter and that guy you're chasing is suddenly pulling a roadrunner on you, that's no fun) or more teleports becoming available when your server has control of some special castles.
It has to have a little bit of travel time however, already there are unstoppable zergs running from castle to castle and with easier/quicker spawns there would be no end to it.
At least now you can actively prevent people from ressing their comrades which forces them to respawn and walk to rejoin the group, giving undermanned castles a chance to beat back the attackers and repair their gates.
And for the dungeon finder I'm almost to busy facepalming to even type this but I guess since people are such simpleminds all they want is another set of instanced places for them and 4 friends (or strangers) to clear out about a million times so they can get their hands on some shinies.
I bet if Blizzard pumped a new set of dungeons every month people would gobble that up like poisoned hotcakes. They know its bad for them but come on, cake!
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If you're playing a game right now, especially a game like Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or Darksiders 2, you should really open your eyes.
Pan that camera, recount what you have done so far and realize what a lucky person you are to have been experiencing these worlds.
Wether you venture through Tyria or join Geralt the Witcher in his quest, its time to stop running from objective to objective, marker to marker or quest to quest.
Its time to stop and look around you. See the magnificent world you're in and appreciate it for what it is.
I know it's bloody easy to complain but come on people, LOOK. Gaming is still evolving and stories are still being told.
Even your favorite book, game or movie has stuff you hated. Soundtrack choices you disliked or actor's you can't stand.
Stop asking games for perfection, personalized but unique perfection, and try to enjoy what we have.
It's a whole of a lot more than we ever expected when Pong came about. Gaming went up from simple distractions to amazing experiences that have touched lives (so, not so simple distractions!) and its time we came to appreciate that instead of screaming bloody murder over the smallest things.
I know, another angry blog right? Well fuck, yeah.
But it might be the last as well because if it wasn't clear already I'm becoming a little sick of gamers and their attitudes.
In every hobby there's complainers but the gaming fans are taking it up a notch and their behaviour is even directly influencing people and their will to play.
I've known several people who want to play stuff like MMO's, MOBA's or Shooters but these communities have gotten themselves such a fucked up name with all their complaining, harrassing and 'me,me,me' attitudes that those people have said "I'll stick to other stuff, thanks".
Kind of easy to say that right? Well I've seen it happen with my own friends and I know I'm not the only one so annoyed by past experiences that I have given up multiplayer in most games. So this hurts the market and the players, because no matter how big of a Halo multiplayer fan I am I must admit I am not looking forward to playing it online.
I'm going to stay passionate, I'm going to stay a gamer and loving it, but I'm also going to not mix myself into these nonsense discussions anyway.
People can't enjoy the basic things because they feel their 50 bucks makes them entitled (how I loathe that word) to some super personalized to their tastes game that changes and adds/removes as they see fit.
It doesn't
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Now go, game, create and enjoy!