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Keeping it simple

I'm so broke.
Next to medical bills and usual house/groceries/the like I'm broke.
Got a lil something saved up and sold some games and I can barely get this...but hot damn this will be a good end of 2011!
Keeping it simple, gonna play the hell out of these games.

List items

  • Its right around the corner, its mindless good fun and its one of the few games I think is worth fullprice.

  • Strap it on.

    This will probably be one of my most favorite games ever.

  • Actually, I don't have the money for this and I just hope to get it through birthday gifts but I'm so weak when it comes to rpg's like this.

    I need this.

  • *takes off shirt and shows off her Triforce tattoo*


    If I don't get this launchday, somehow, I'll feel like I failed my mom.

    But don't worry mom, I'll make it work, I'll honor your memory.