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Expect The Unexpected In This Interesting Criticism Of Heroism 2

*Expect Spoliers*Spec Ops: The Line is one of many games over the past few years that try to change the formula of it's genre. Many of those game have good ideas but fail to deliver, however Spec Ops delivers strongly on it's premise of a truly character driven narrative.The general gameplay in Spec Ops isn't really different in any way to other third person shooters. It handles well, feels weighty and can appear brutal at times. One nifty feature is that after each head-shot you achieve the gam...

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MW2? nah get uncharted 2 ;) 2

 I would have to say that this disappointed me even though I'm giving it a high score. My main disappointment was with the lack of a strong campaign with it throwing big events at you in a unrealistic way which departs from the semi-realistic story from the last game and goes for the action movie feel. The story itself is good but at around 5 hours on a average play through you can see that this game isn't for those after a strong, long and I guess good story. The multi-player is what 95% of peo...

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