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  • Got this game for free with the 360. It's pretty good for a free game.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tancred's Awesome Verdict - The best things in life are freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Another free game. It's actually fun. The single player sucks but it's pretty fun to play co-op over live.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tancred's Awesome Verdict - It's free, try it out!

  • Nothing special here, very boring after awhile. Got it for free.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tancred's Awesome Verdict - If you got this one for free, good for you. If you didn't, ignore this piece of crap.

  • This game is bursting with creative design and fun gameplay; one game that you can keep playing just for the hell of it.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tancred's Awesome verdict - This is a must buy arcade game, ubnless you already have the last gen version. 800 points is a steal!

  • Bomberman Live is a really fun game. Single-player is pretty good and multi-player is a blast although many people can use extreme lag to their advantages >__>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tancred's Awesome Verdict - This is a good arcade find; not neccesarily the best but definetely worth a look by Bomberman fans or multiplayer fanatics.

  • This is an adrenaline soaked addiction!! The brilliant colors make you seem like you're high all the time!!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tancred's Awesome Verdict - Buy it, one of the best arcade games out there; 800 points is an excellent value for this gem.

  • From the creators of Alien Hominid.. Castle Crashers! This is multi-player hack'n slash goodness at it's best.


    Tancred's Awesome Verdict - Even though it's 1200 points, worth every penny; or point for that matter.