Just a quick note

In case someone out there is actually waiting for the next installment in my Shu Takumi interview translation, the reason I didn't post anything for a couple of days is because I'm on a short vacation in Tokyo away from my regular Kansai residence. This ends tomorrow, so expect more soon. 
Tokyo never changes. Akihabara is not as fun as it was the first few times I visited, though I did end up with a respectable pile of second hand PSP games that cost next to nothing. I'll have to write sometime about why i prefer Osaka's Denden-town to Tokyo's Akihabara, but that article will have to wait until I'm not as exhausted from walking around all day as I am now. 
One thing I did do this week was play tons of 3DS demos. Demo units started popping up in stores just as I arrived in Tokyo, and pretty much everywhere that sells games has them around. Needless to say, I visited many many game shops on this trip, and just couldn't help picking up a demo for a few minutes almost every single time. The 3D effect is quite startling the fist time you see it, but it will take a little more hands-on time with it to see whether it's fun for a long session as it is for a 3 minute demo. I should have my own 3DS at launch in just three days, so I'll probably talk about it in some more detail at that time...