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PAX 2009. Tanuki Edition. (KnifeySpoony Included)

    As some of you may be aware.  PAX 2009 happened.  And I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of money driving 20 odd hours to Seattle.  And then another 20 back.  And basically living off of 5 hours of sleep a night.  In the End.  This is what happened.  

   For those of you that want to watch the video.  I'd start loading it early.  I think it's big.  

   Okay.  So first things first.  Lines.  ...they're long and boring. 


   PAX started off for me basically running to Borderlands.  And little did I know, a certain GB user whom I was going to hook up with later was at Borderlands at the exact same time as me.  But this blog isn't aboot Knifey or his friends.  It's aboot Wallace.  And Borderlands.  So, first things first.  My experience with Borderlands was... well... tainted.  I had just got on and some LOSER who was before me decided it would be fun to travel to a level 9 area and basically make sure that all my weapons did 1 dmg to the enemies.  He also decided that picking up ammo was lame.  And left me with aboot 10 bullets!!  I'm looking at you Thomas! 

   The guy I split screened with however was at the panel and oddly enough, I ended up meeting him aboot 4 more times throughout the show.

   Next on my list was... I don't remember.  So in non-order of stuff-  Me and Knifey hooked up around the Intel station.  Basically it was good to know he wasn't severely fucked up.  Just a normal everyday gamer dude.  A dime a dozen.  Very un-unique.  And not embarrassing to be around.  He basically called me and I looked for a guy on a cell phone while he looked for a guy answering his cell.  I had to return a friend back to the Hotel.  But after that me and them hooked back up.  And I cut in line aboot 8 places from the end of the line for the 1up Yours panel.  (I have to say, I did a MUCH better job saving a line spot)  


   I interrupted Jerry while he found out his wife was going into labour.  I stalked Brad for a lil' while.  Screamed at Vinny during the Tim Schafer interview and met a really hot Dutch girl at the show who I chilled and talked with for aboot an hour and a half.  Entered some SFIV tournys and bought a Ltd Edition SFIV stick with Chun li and Viper on it.  Played Heavy Rain, L4D2, SC2 and a bunch of other games.  Borderlands was really awesome aside from the fucked up shit, Wallace.  And I saw Randy Pitchford but he was busy.  Knifeys friend won an Intel processor.  Crazy huh?  Knifey is also the dude in the last scene.  And trying to dodge the camera when his friend won the processor.  And that scene during Shank.


   Basically, just watch the video. 

   And Knifey.  You missed the Omegathon.  :(  

WARNING:  Video may be shitty quality atm.  I'm trying to learn how to actually compress shit so it looks good.  Currently being unsuccessful.  Also.  Unless I'm playing video games I can't keep my hands still.  Some motion sickness may incur.    

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THE HQ version as some shit is very hard to make out in the lower quality. 
With much <3.  Tanuki.

Microsoft: 3 Dr.Tan: 0 (maybe -1)

    We've all heard the stories.  We've all witnessed the truth.  But in the end, we all strive to survive through these tough times.  Some of us may hold out longer than others... but nothing could've prepared us for this generation of consoles.  Nothing. 
   In the end, however, all we have is hope.   
   Hope that one day we may not brick when we're leaderboard whoring in Galaga Legions!  HOPE!  That we won't have to spend another $400 to do our weekly Ikaruga run!  And hope that this Geometry Wars 2 round won't be our last.  You may shatter my ability to manifest my neurotic tendencies of self-worth through pwning leaderboards Microsoft!  But you'll never take away my freedom to buy another GOD DAMNED XBOX 360!!! 

Over 500'000 served!
Over 500'000 served!
   With <3, Tanuki!  
   UPDATE:  UPS Shipping slip has been sent via Email.  And my Xbox is ready to go!  Here's a picture:   

I can has green lights now?
I can has green lights now?


Store NOW OPEN! (Includes exclusive SuperMooseman Merchandise!)

   Over the past year, Tanuki ARMs has been pleased to bring you quality weapons such as the .45 cal MK23, (a gun used by Solid Snake himself during his covert operation at Shadow Moses Island) a very old-school 1847 Colt revolver and many others, one of the newest editions being the Springfield SA XD. However, with the launch of the FAMAS, our company has merged into a new era of quality. You may or may not have noticed that the FAMAS is our first, and at the moment the only, gun we carry that has the Moosemans Seal of Approval. The MMSoA is only given to products that SuperMooseman himself deems the highest quality. And only weapons that he feels confident to use during the heat of battle. 

Mk23 Socom pistol. 2000 triangles. This is actually the first model I ever made. Not a lie.
Mk23 Socom pistol. 2000 triangles. This is actually the first model I ever made. Not a lie.

1847 Colt Revolver. 2400 triangles. Enjoy. Unless you don't like it.
1847 Colt Revolver. 2400 triangles. Enjoy. Unless you don't like it.

Springfield SA XD. 1800 triangles. Used for shooting.
Springfield SA XD. 1800 triangles. Used for shooting.

Famas F1. 2500 triangles. Has the Moosemans Seal of Approval. (ensuring top quality)
Famas F1. 2500 triangles. Has the Moosemans Seal of Approval. (ensuring top quality)

"I think the FAMAS is awesome!" SuperMooseman said in an exclusive interview with Dr.Tan. Little did SuperMooseman know that his opinion of our fine weaponry would usher him into a world of fame and fortune as we introduce to you, our valued customers, the Mooseman Merchandise! Now, when you purchase the FAMAS F1 we will send you a complimentary 9" pizza. The only pizza SuperMooseman eats. It includes toppings such as pepperoni, spicey chicken slices, fresh tomatoes and just a small handful of mushrooms. Purchasing the FAMAS F1 will also grant you EXCLUSIVE access to our Mooseman Merchandise!! 

   "How did you get that picture of me? And how did you get it signed by me?" - SuperMooseman asked when we showed him the autographed photo's we'd be selling through our online store. Our current SuperMooseman Merchandise for sale consists of:  



Shirt pin with the words "I wanna pwn (just like Moosey)" = $2.99
Fridge Magnet. "I <3 SuperMooseman (So I bought this Fridge Magnet)" = $5
Mooseman Keychain = $10      

And our exclusive SuperMooseman Autographed photos going for $20.  


Orders can be issued through private PMs. I apologize for any spelling errors. (Moosey wanted this rushed) We do not accept American Express.

Tanuki Shinkawa of Shinkawa ARMs Corp.