Best of 2012

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  • journey made me almost cry 4 times and on the 5th time at the very end of the game my tear ducts malfunctioned and started stinging like a bastard.

  • this game had awesome gameplay. the ending was stupid and if people got angry about the ending of mass effect 3 and not this then that is just simply hilarious because it was pathetic.

    but as the giant bomb boys said as they gave this their game of the year reward, it was the gameplay that counted. it was about the EXPERIENCE. i am sorry to say that i lost many good warriors on the battle field against the aliens. but they did not die in vane i will tell you that for a certainty.

  • the campaign was disappointing as it usually is. i think the last good halo campaign was in combat evolved. but however, the multiplayer was very fun and it fixed a lot of the issues i had with the reach multiplayer. the specific skill/strategy based combat system in this game allows for you to have some truly epic experiences and display your skills beyond just a kill count or a kill streak reward. i am not talking bad on call of duty but lets be honest when it comes down to it, that game is all about who has a better connection when the two players come around the corner and see each other and shoot each other in the face.

    halo 4 has a much greater depth and it shows how first person shooters can be done on the console well, with a console controller. this is what i like and i hope there is more evolution in these directions in the future of console video game.

  • i enjoyed this for what it was. i didnt have a feeling like i did watching season 6 of lost. i did not feel what many others felt, that thye had been promised soemthing that was never given to them. and the experience as it was, was worth it the entire way.

    also, i just really love the idea of the singularty. it could have been handled a lot better, you could see the death of bioware and the evil of EA, but it was still a great game. piss on the haters. also piss on EA.

  • this was a really fun game i enjoyed it a lot. however when i discovered i had to get a golden key and take it all the way through from the caves to the last level i kind of gave up on it. but thats ok because i will finish it some day.

  • i put this game on here because i played it in 2012 not 2011. very fun but very janky in a bunch of places. the developers saying theyre going to work on making the next one more 'understandable' means good things to me. setting up the player with an understanding so they dont feel like they got so terribly FUCKED is a good thing. although some times it was funny. such as when i opened a chest and it was a monster and it sprouted arms and legs and ate me until i was dead.

  • i rediscovered this game again this year when i realized the magical world of the baldurs gate server where there are so many adventures to be had. the first game is one of my favorites of all time and this one has proved to become so as well. i always wish that online RPGs would follow more in these games foot steps. giving the player a massive amount of choice as to how they want to build their character, rather than everyone just being the same cookie cutter copy depending on their class and subrace or what ever. please i hope there is a never winter nights 3 if you are reading this (anyone). or something like it. thank you