Tatum's Top 10 Games That Will Help You Make Mo' Money

10. 50 Cent: Bulletproof : "Get Rich or Die Trying. Brings your bling, and live the life of 50 Cent and G-Unit as they clean up the streets of New York." That's from the description, so nothing I can add here.

9. Stock Market: The Game: Essentially the douchewads who messed up our economy were probably playing this Amiga classic back in the 80's before they started gaming the real market. Figure out what mistakes are in this game and make a killing as the market corrects.

8. Prison Tycoon 4: SuperMax: Another tactic would be to prepare yourself for the eventual criminalization of the Wall Street types and learn the tricks of trade in the "privately run prison business". Billystick joystick not included.

7. Pimp War: "PimpWar is a free web browser based game where you play the part of a ruthless pimp on a quest for power and money. You will become a master at the art of pimping your hoes, commanding your thugs and battling your enemies to protect what you have and to help your empire grow. This game is NOT for whiners." Check.

6. WWE Legends of WrestleMania : If you can run your business half as well Vince McMahon, you'll need a 17-car garage for your 'Benzos.

5. The Godfather: The Game: Just listen for the quotes, they are all you need.

4. John Deere: American Farmer: Only game tougher than rap or pimpin' is ploughing. Learn how to run a farm, and you'll never go hungry.

3. Zoo Tycoon: I once had a very succesful music vetran tell me the key to his success was to "effectively manage crazy". Don't get crazy than a zoo yo! Those animals are smarter than you think! Did you see Madagascar? Those penguins were funny. I like to move it move it.

2. Any Mario Brothers game: Look, the little dude has been successfully chasing down the bling longer than Trump! Learn something from the master.

1. Monopoly- Here and Now: Did you doubt?

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