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I think there is a difference between selfishness and plain old good sense.  I don't think the idea of bringing Robin back is a completely bad idea I think the bad idea is the follow through that we have seen. I think in the correct way you could bring him back to have another character to play off batman.

1. Robin needs to be played by an unknown. You can't have someone everyone knows playing Robin so to keep him in the place he deserves to be, as a sidekick.

2. Minimize the time Robin is allowed to talk. I never found in the movies or the TV show he had anything good to say. A proper script can allow the character to be involved but let the characters we care about talk.

3. If you are going to step back in time to bring him back you must also bring back the "Shark Repellent"

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So I am going to be picky :) Technically in Halo the regenerating aspect is the shields on your armor not really what you tend to consider your health

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Like so many things from my youth I hope they leave it there. I loved that game a ton but part of its charm was when it was made and how it looks for its time. It is nice to be able to play games again but I feel that instead of doing the cash grab of remaking old games I want to see studios come up with new stuff and hopefully wow us with something else.

Now if they had to do it would be an absolute must to update the graphics. If they don't everyone might as well just pull out their old Playstations and put it in.

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I think there was something to be gained from how 12 handled the character development.  I found that the series started to turn into a everyone can do everything kind of game which isn't the true point of an RPG. Part of the game is trying to get the best combinations and matching the attributes correctly. 

My other thought it this allows you to focus more on the game and less on spending hours figuring how you need to manage the massive level up stuff.