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@mb said:

Start watching the Steam, Humble Bundle, and GOG sales daily for inexpensive games that you will probably never play. Soon you'll be like the rest of us with a backlog hundreds of titles long!

oi... don't tempt him to the dark side :( that place is so sad to see, specially if you shop for 60+ hour games all the time.

@kaos_cracker: whatever genre you enjoy, PC exclusives are a bit rare these days it seems, at least in the AAA segment. If you're looking for smaller budget titles or Independent games, you're going to find a lot more.

And ports, well... I go ahead and toot the horn for http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home . Might be a nerve safer later on.

Store wise: @mb called out a few already. There is a humble store now too and Paradox Interactive also has a store (Gamersgate) and there is also Greenmangaming who sometimes offer some good discounts. Please note that I haven't used greenmangaming at all and that in most cases you end up with a steam key regardless.

And there are of course the "glorious" lands of free to play titles.

Posting a list of preferred genres or games you enjoyed in the past would probably increase the quality of the recommendations you might receive.

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@tcsajax: I am talking about copying the GoG stuff onto a USB thumb drive or burning it onto CD-R or DVD-R.. GoG is DRM free, you don't need to have a internet connection to play the titles.

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@tcsajax: What about gifted GoG stuff? Also eligible? Would need some magic to get the binaries to you down there.

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I'm not sure if i understand how trading works entirely just yet, but... is there any meaning in making a new thread dedicated to trading (opinions?)? Say, list what you have for trade, and what items you are interested in?

Probably the best idea I'd say, otherwise this might get cluttered with talks about balance changes interjected with "WTB Serration max level mod!"

Oh and trading is uh well.. you need a clan dojo. Once you have a clan dojo you can build a trade kiosk, which is a placeable room decoration object. Then you need to invite your trading partner to said dojo and then you both walk up to the trade kiosk and "use" it (press E I think) then you get into the trading system. I think right now you can't trade everything(mods work, keys work, credits work( I think) and Platinum works(!!! dunno if I like that yet or not; Tradechat was full of people selling mods for platinum)

From what I tested with a clanmate, there is no restriction in terms of what you can trade with what, I don't know if they put in a restriction when it comes to platinum or not.

What I do know is there is a credits fee involved when you trade. We tested it with a unmodded common ability and a unmodded ultimate ability and both sides have to pay a fee in credits to complete the trade. It probably will be interesting to see how prices for items develop and if and how many3rd party trading sites and exchange table sites will pop up.

Also tried the titan extractor... not really impressed. the whole 4 hour cycle is really dumb (as most people's lives operate much more on 8 hour beats) - and your extractor is going to lose up to 75% of it's health (can't be repaired) if it's left alone for 8 hours... I expect changes over the coming days.

Yeah that's a bit dumb, but hey I got 6 morphics the other day, so YAY.

The new damage system is interesting, a lot of previously shitty guns are actually now quite good, while a bunch of former OP weapons are now horrible ( I am looking at you FLUX rifle) Probably going to take a while for the best builds to emerge, though some say that certain damage combinations are negligible and not worth going for, same seems to be true for weapons who deal a lot of slashing damage, but it is great to go in experiment with your weapon builds again.

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Hi, I got a bunch of keys (10 or so...) sitting around gathering dust. Anyone interested?

PM me your preferred contact information and I can set you up.