Gaming Goals for the Summer

Beat Final Fantasy XIII

So I started playing Final Fantasy XIII a couple weeks, due to my desire to play a JRPG on my Xbox 360. I knew the game had received lukewarm reviews, but I often find myself enjoying RPGs that only receive middle of the road reviews (Enchanted Arms and Lost Odyssey, for example), and I figured the story, characters, and graphics would make up for any dullness in the gameplay. And I was right! Despite Brad complaining about the linearity of the game in his review, I find it not to be too atypical for the genre and it hasn't bothered me much at all. The battle system is very fun; the combat is fast paced and switching between paradigms is a cool way to play JRPGs. Only having to issue commands to one character of the party while still maintaining control over the general strategy of the team is a great idea.

Unfortunately I have a habit of burning out of JRPGs about halfway through, and since I've passed the 10 hour mark of FFXIII I'm acutely aware that I'm reaching that "burn out" area of the game. I'm genuinely interested in the story though, so hopefully I'll pull through!

Play Deadly Premonition

I watched the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run about a year ago and had a blast watching the GB crew suffer and enjoy the game simultaneously. It's certainly an odd game, and one I would like to experience myself. It's been about a year since watching the Endurance Run, so I feel like enough time has passed for it to feel fairly fresh. Let's do this York!

Win a game of Civilization V set at "Marathon" Length

Ryan was absolutely correct when he stated that Civilization V was just as addicting as any illicit substance in his review. I've never particularly enjoyed RTS games in the past, but Civ V has me hooked. "Marathon" takes the epic-ness fo the extreme, with scenarios at this setting often lasting 20 hours or more in length. It feels like an experience any Civ V player should undertake, and I hope to do so (and win!) at some point this summer.

Continue watching the Persona 4 endurance run

I'm about 67 episodes in, and the endless dungeon crawling is starting to get a bit tiresome. I've sunk WAY too much time in this thing to give up now though. MUST PERSEVERE!

S-Rank Something

It's been a while since I've gotten 1000/1000 GS in a game, and let's be honest here, it feels pretty damn good to do so. So this summer one of my goals is to S-Rank a game.

So there you go! My modest gaming goals of summer 2011.