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Not exactly. You can create a list though (Profile page -> Lists -> Create list), name it "Library" or "My Games" or something similar and add games to that.

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I voted for ME3. The ending is fine. The gameplay will feel a lot like ME2. Regardless of how you feel about the ending, there's some great story beats along the way that the series has been building to since game 1. ME2 is one of my "games of the generation" and I would rank ME3 quite a bit lower, but it's still a satisfying end to the trilogy IMO that's worth seeing if you've invested in the first couple of games.

Edit: Definitely grab the Citadel DLC, because it's one of the best things in Mass Effect 1-3, and I thought the Leviathan DLC was worth seeing as well.

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@chaser324 It seems like an issue then is that since Fortnite is in a constant state of development it will never be a good time in the eyes of Epic management to on-board people and take the productivity hit to train them...but if they never actually take the productivity hit to do that they're going to be stuck in the current recipe for employee burnout.

This also puts one of the criticisms of Apex, that the updates are coming too slow, in a new light. Maybe Apex just has a more sustainable workflow.

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@ravelle: Actually "stealing" people from other companies is pretty common. Especially in California, because it's illegal there to place restrictions on employees that prevent them from going to competitors. Recruiters look for talent from other companies all the time. Regardless, that doesn't really apply here because both Mahardy and GBE staff are employees within CBSi, so it would basically just be a transfer between corporate departments.

All that said, I don't think Mahardy is actually going to join GBE. I've enjoyed his presence on streams though!

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Yeah I don't think this practice is really defensible on the grounds that "it could be worse, you could be doing manual labor for minimum wage!" It's a different kind of bad, for sure, but working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week at a desk is terrible for your health in different ways.

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Hot on the heels of Kotaku's excellent reporting of the disarray at BioWare comes this good piece of reporting from Polygon on the culture of perma-crunch at Epic Games attributed to the success of Fortnite:

But for workers on Fortnite, the normal rhythm of working hours was changed by the game’s success. “There was a gym in the office,” said one source. “It was available for technically any employee to use when they had free time, but free time wasn’t something that I was allowed at all. We’re always in crunch. Crunch never ends in a live service game like that. You’re always building more content and more stuff.”

“I was working at least 12-hour days, seven days a week, for at least four or five months,” said one source. “A lot of that was having to stay at work till 3 or 4 in the morning.”

Many of our sources said that refusing to work late hours represented a serious impediment to career advancement. Bosses expected workers to stay late, and to not complain.

“It wasn’t much of a conversation,” said one source. “It really was just a ‘I hope you didn’t have plans this weekend because this is what needs to be done.’ And if you did have something going on, it had to be serious, otherwise it was going to be a negative experience for that person.”

I can't say I'm surprised, but I would have hoped that the massive success of Fortnite would have allowed Epic to go on a hiring spree to help make the workload manageable. I'm legitimately curious, do you think stories like this dissuade people who would otherwise be interested in game development from joining the industry?

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Wow, I didn't realize that Twitch pulled its database from Giant Bomb. That's pretty cool!

I don't think I want to know more about "PiiSim" though.

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I voted for backwards compatibility. I own a XOne (and not a PS4) and BC has been an unexpectedly awesome feature of the system. I've returned to games from the past generation a fair amount over the last few years and I've almost never needed to turn on my X360 to do so. Performance upgrades are a given with the next generation of consoles, but continuity between generations is a great thing.

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PS5 having no load times is the "PS2 games will look like Toy Story" of the next generation. Calling it now.

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I'm sure this will drop down near $200 by the holidays, at which point it will be a good deal. I also expect this is more of MS testing the waters for the next generation then expecting to sell a ton of these (I also expect next gen this will be at most an option and that there will still be Xbox consoles with disc drives).