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@soulcake said:

Did they ever fix the master chief collection or is it still broke?

It literally took them years to do so but yes, it's largely fixed and in good shape.

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Let's hope the multiplayer works better for the PC launch than it did for the Xbox launch. I don't think I've ever been burned harder by pre-order in my life! (They did get into a good state...eventually).

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Don't you mean season 7 will be Season of Opulence? I thought season of drifter was season 6.

Anyway, looking forward to both gambit prime and the reckoning. Seems like Reckoning could have more mechanics than Haunted Forest though I see the similarity (perhaps a raid-like encounter at the end of the level instead of just a yellow bar).

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@deathstriker The problem is that Anthem is not competing with Destiny 1 and The Division as they launched. It's competing with Destiny 2 + Forsaken (which you can get on sale for well less than $60) and The Division 2. Also Destiny 1 did launch with a raid (it just opened like a week after launch so people could level up, per MMO tradition). Comparing Anthem to D1 would make sense if they were launching close to each other. It's 4 and a half years since D1 came out, a game that launched on the 360/PS3 as well as current consoles.

If Bioware adds a lot of content to Anthem and improves the UI/load times I will check it out. Until then I'll believe it when I see it.

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In your situation I would definitely say yes, if your budget allows for it.

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@deathstriker Kinda feels like you're shifting the goalposts now. Whether or not you agree with the pricing structure, my point was that Destiny had at least one cool cutscene and has told plenty of stories at this point. And personally, except for a few months after Osiris where I fell off, I've been playing D2 fairly regularly for a year and a half at this point, and I think it would be unrealistic not to have spent money above the purchase price of the base game to see content that has come out in that time. Games cost money to make, and every MMO or 'loot shooter' needs a revenue stream to justify new content, Anthem included. If you're not charging for new content, you're throwing a lot of microtransactions in people's faces. Honestly, I prefer the former.

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@deathstriker said:

I don't remember any cool cut scenes in other loot shooters.

I raise you...this (graphics looked better in game than on YouTube, obviously).

Also it's hard for me to take you seriously when you keep saying Destiny has no story. Yes, vanilla Destiny 1 was extremely barebones in that regard. But every major release since then (Taken King, Rise of Iron, Destiny 2, Forsaken) and even the more more minor ones (House of Wolves, Curse of Osiris, Warmind) had coherent plots. I'm not going to say most of these stories have been great (though I did enjoy both Taken King and Forsaken), but they've been there. The D2 campaign, for example, has a dramatic opening, a big baddie that's introduced, and a bunch of misadventures along the way to taking down that big baddie. That's a story right there. From what I've read, it's not all that different from Anthem's.

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As a game pass subscriber and switch owner I'm certainly intrigued by this. I'm not sold on streaming games though. A big selling point of game pass for me is that it's not a streaming service.

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@beomoose said:

Man, the industry won't quite be the same without Reggie at Nintendo. Hope he has a joyous retirement.

Hmm, looks like he's only 57 according to Wikipedia. I'm sure he's done well for himself at Nintendo but wouldn't be surprised to see him do something new after a couple years off.

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I would love if the wiki received renewed attention and there was more incentive for contributing. I would probably spend some time myself pitching in if this was the case.

However, I think the ship has probably sailed on this.