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There's an option to switch to the GB video player, which doesn't show any ads. I believe you can switch to it by clicking on the three dots at the bottom-center of the video player IIRC. YouTube will always show ads regardless of membership I think.

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Everything is open world these days and angsty/hip/underground/festival whatever stuff. Not doing that helps differentiate it. They should set the trend instead of following it, because by the time they release a game, that trend is gone and the game is bad anyway.

You know, when you put it like this, I think I agree and see where you're coming from. Don't pick on Fast & Furious though, it's not the movies' fault there have been several poor NFS rip-offs :)

Also based on your comments I think you would enjoy Hot Pursuit 2 a lot!

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@seikenfreak All fair points. As I said I haven't played the Horizon games so I was making some assumptions. I still think it would be hard for a game you're describing to stand out compared to them though, except to a very niche audience.

@dgtlty said:

100 cars drop onto an island...

Using the Need for Speed brand to bring back car combat, I like it...

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Yes! At least in Destiny. The default radar in Destiny lights up a dark-ish red (at least as I remember it) when it detects enemies, and when that radar was over a green-ish background I had a real difficult time deciphering it. The color-blind mode makes it a much brighter color that I don't have any issues with at all. The loot colors are also a little more distinguishable for me. It definitely does not shift the colors of the whole game.

Most of the time I agree that color blind settings don't make much difference for me though. I just turned it on in Apex and didn't notice much of a change in the game I played after turning it on. I also only have fairly mild color-blindness though (certainly nothing like Jeff or Vinny).

edit: oops, almost forgot, I have mild deuteranomaly

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@seikenfreak I almost forgot until I read that post that I played and loved Hot Pursuit 2 (the 2002 game) back in the day. The only problem I see with the approach you're laying out is that the Forza Horizon series pretty much checks all those boxes: showroom showcases, fairly realistic and grounded driving, mix of race types in real-world locations, next to no story. I haven't actually played the games so I'm not sure if there's police but there might be.

Also, since the Forza racing engine has been iterated on so much over the years they really have honed it to something very solid. I'm just not sure an EA NFS game that checks most of the same boxes that Horizon does can compete, at least on Xbox.

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From Polygon:

Electronic Arts may have suffered a disappointing financial quarter, but at least the company has games in two fan-favorite series coming within the next fiscal year. EA chief operating and financial officer Blake Jorgenson announced to investors that new Plants vs. Zombies and Need for Speed games are in the works, due out by April 2020.

It seems like the last two Need for Speed games (Need for Speed and Payback) were both critical and commercial disappointments, so where does the series go from here? Should they continue in the scripted action-movie style of Payback or once more go back to the Most Wanted-esque well with street racing and cops?

I'm curious what others think. I personally loved the original Most Wanted and enjoyed Carbon a fair amount as well, but none of the games since have really interested me.

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@oldgeezer said:
many games now portray sex and nudity without any issues. I remember huge scandal with "hot coffee" in GTA:SA, not so much after there is Witcher 3 with absolutely obscene sex scenes. Yeah, you can skip them, but they are there already. I just thing sex/nudity belongs to porn sites where I have no issues with sex.

Serious question: do you not watch movies or TV shows that depict sex? I don't see why games should be treated any differently in this regard.

There's a lot of red meat in that paragraph that I am not going to unpack, but I'm particularly troubled by the statement that you can't empathize with female protagonists. It shouldn't "feel wrong" to feel empathy for someone of the opposite sex.

Anyway, in regards to gameplay, I think single-player games have generally gotten easier over time. Developers want people to see all the content they spend money and time making. It sounds like you get easily overwhelmed by entirely optional content that is absolutely inessential to finishing a game, like reading books in Skyrim or the flying side-missions in GTA. Maybe just try focusing on the main storylines in games like that and just learn to ignore the side stuff? Or give up on big budget, AAA games stuffed with systems and play smaller, indie titles that just do one or two things well. It seems weird to complain about complexity in games then discuss Football Manager and Civilization. I haven't played the former, but both games seem to be designed to be complex systems on top of complex systems.

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@humanity: I tried to give Andromeda an honest shot but I fell off after maybe 4-5 hours. The thing that bummed me out the most was that it felt like they were just re-telling the ME story in a different universe instead of trying something new. The first few hours were literally just: (1) hey, an unknown artifact from an ancient civilization; and (2) hey, a mysterious, malevolent force that is maybe related to said ancient civilization disappearing! I wonder how that will play out? The characters also seemed less interesting and the first world was large but kind of empty feeling.

I'd be interested to hear from someone that played further but man that first impression is a stinker.

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Idk, even as someone who plays only on console I feel a remaster is largely unnecessary. ME2+3 still look and play fine. ME1 is a little janky but runs better than it originally did through Xbox BC. Maybe I would feel differently if I had a 4K TV.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Karn Evil 9!

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The Mars Volta - Cassandra Gemini (and all of Frances the Mute, honestly)

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