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I'm sure this will drop down near $200 by the holidays, at which point it will be a good deal. I also expect this is more of MS testing the waters for the next generation then expecting to sell a ton of these (I also expect next gen this will be at most an option and that there will still be Xbox consoles with disc drives).

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The PSP is definitely about to come into its own. Some big stuff just on the horizon, I'm sure. I've heard that UMD movies are selling like crazy.

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I think there are good points on both sides of this discussion. I do find it interesting that those arguing for easier/accessibility modes tend to be talking about games in terms of a product whereas those arguing against are talking about them more as art/experiences.

I tend to side with those saying that developers should be free to design games how they wish, including their approach to difficulty. I don't think the Souls/From games would get the attention/popularity they do without their approach to difficulty, and I think games like that should exist. Looking at the series from the outside, I've always been impressed with the world-building of the Souls games. Despite that, I spent about 20 minutes playing the first Dark Souls and realized it was not for me. And I was okay with that! There is plenty out there that I do like playing. It strikes me that for those in similar positions there are plenty of alternatives to playing the game and still being able to experience the story/world, whether that be watching a "let's play"-esque video or finding accessibility mods. They won't give you the same experience as playing the game as intended, but then again, neither would an easy/accessible mode, would it?

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@soulcake said:

As for the "Chinese" part of this conversation China is implementing al lot off scary shit these days such as a credit score tied to your "well behavior" go through a red light to many times and you can't get a loan or a job anymore and your basically doomed, so i wouldn't call it Xenophobia as it's more of a concern of Tencent a company with ties to the Communist worker party having a major sharehold in epic. As much as Epic says they won't share data we all know what happened with facebook and google so i totally see this as a valid concern for most costumers.

This post is ridiculous. The Epic store has nothing to do with authoritarian policies being implemented in China. This is like saying that a foreign company which an American company has a stake in is supporting the domestic policies of the US because of that stake. Why would the Chinese government care at all about the gaming-related activity of non-Chinese users, even assuming Epic would share that information (which is a big assumption)? This post comes across as very paranoid.

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@onemanarmyy said:

We also have a music streaming industry with 5-6 big players that all have a sizable userbases (Spotify, Apple music, Google music, Deezer, Tidal, Prime music) where only Tidal somewhat dabbles in exclusivity.

This is not true, Apple Music definitely relied on some big-name exclusives when it was relatively new to get people interested. Chance the Rapper's last album is the example that comes to mind. Maybe not your cup of tea, but that album was huge. Turns out one of the only ways to to get consumers of a streaming/download marketplace used to using a different platform (Spotify -> Apple Music in this example) is to offer...exclusive content. CBS All Access offering Star Trek: Discovery when it launched is another example of this. Music, TV, games, the concept is the same.

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This is the Anthem reporting I've been waiting for. Thanks for the link!

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Well done! Watching this brought back some memories.

I knew (almost) nothing about Shenmue before watching this ER, kept waiting for the story to go anywhere, and then was dumbfounded when it just seemed to end for no good reason.

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@hayt said:

@gundato said:

Right now, if a game is launched on Steam and Epic, "nobody" is going to buy it on Epic. Why would they? Everything else is on Steam and it will cost about the same either way.

They haven't come about their market share honestly. If consumers had any choice they wouldn't choose them.

Right, but why is that consumers would choose Steam? For some I will concede it is because of features that the Epic store doesn't have. But for many (most?) it's just because all their stuff is already there. And Epic can never compete with that, even if they offered 100% feature parity. Hence the free games, exclusive games, etc. I think that's what @gundato is getting at and I agree. I think it's, on balance, more pro-competitive than anti-competitive.

Imagine if someone invented a social network that offered complete, 100% feature parity with Facebook, but was less awful about user privacy. It would barely make a dent in Facebook's user base, because everyone is already on FB. It's kind of the same issue.

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@stinger061 said:

For me Sony are the big wildcard in the near future now. We know Microsoft is pivoting towards streaming and getting gamepass everywhere, what if Sony does what it did this time around and just doubles down on how we currently play games? It worked brilliantly for them this time when Microsoft was talking about always online and eliminating used games.

I don't know, Phil Spencer has been relatively clear that while they are pursuing streaming they still absolutely intend to offer high-performance consoles for people that want that experience (at least for the near-future, which I take to mean at least the next console cycle). MS is big enough that they can pursue both paths simoultaneously, especially since other parts of MS (see: MS Office cloud services) are putting significant R&D into cloud services. Sony would appear to have the most to lose here.

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@boozak: Some people may disagree with me here but I think one of the nice parts of the Destiny story is that you can kind of engage it with as much as you want without it impacting the gameplay (which I'm assuming is quite different from KH). The game will clearly identify some bad guys for you take out, and if you want to just engage with it on that level and see some pretty environments/cut-scenes along the way you can just do that and have a good time.

On the other hand, if you find yourself intrigued by the world-building in the games, you can dive into literal reams of lore that fleshes out a lot of different aspects of the universe in (IMO) quite interesting ways. Doing so will help explain some of the more esoteric parts of the in-game story (what exactly is Riven? why is the Dreaming City stuck in a 3-week cycle? etc.) but is far from necessary to actually play and enjoy the game. And YouTubers, as people here have been posting, have been making good summaries of all this stuff if reading a bunch of text is not your thing.